"Sprinting Champion" Network Priority Service

CMHK introduced the “Sprinting Champion” Network Priority Service, which offers customers to access ultra-fast Internet access at anything time and anywhere.

Service details:

  • Anytime! Anywhere! You can always enjoy the fastest network.
  • Enhance your network advantage automatically, allowing you to seize the lead in taking advantage of a one-step faster network advantage.
  • Even if you're in the middle of a bustling city, you're still on the front lines and have access to a worry-free network.

Service Charge:

Monthly fee Service details
HK$38/month 12-month contract

Terms and Conditions

  1. “Sprinting Champion” Network Priority service ("This Service") is provided by China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (“CMHK”)
  2. During This Service period, customer will be allocated with more network resources and prioritized on network usage.
  3. This Service is only applicable to customer who have subscribed to CMHK Full speed monthly service plan (including 5G Service Plan, 4.5G Full Speed Plan, Bay Area Service Plan and “Supreme” Service Plan) ("Monthly Service Plan"), but not applicable to supplementary SIM cards.
  4. This Service will be suspended automatically when local data usage is reached to the service plan maximum and service will be resumed in the next bill month, customer can reactivated This Service by purchasing extra data.
  5. The usage entitlement of This Service is only applicable to local mobile data service.
  6. The maximum download speed will be subject to the relevant designated monthly service plan under which This Service is subscribed for.
  7. The Data Services of This Service is restricted to personal use only and not applicable for sharing internet function via mobile phone (including but not limited to WiFi Hotspot / tethering).
  8. Actual service experience may be affected due to various factors, including but not limited to the features or functionality of individual mobile device, transmission technology, network traffic and usage, speed of websites servers, service stability of other content providers, weather and other circumstantial factors (e.g. blockades such as buildings, mountains, tunnels) which may lead to radio interference.
  9. CMHK reserves the right to modify or terminate the above offers or content, amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, CMHK reserves the right of final decision.
  10. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.