Superb 800+ Mbps peak download speed, empowered by CMHK’s edge-cutting 4.5G technologies:
i. Carrier Aggregation – Provides higher transfer speed with 2CC and 3CC carrier aggregations, allowing a higher data transfer speed.
ii. MIMO – Boosts spectrum efficiency up by 5 - 6 times with deploying Massive MIMO techniques. These significantly increase network capacity and coverage, bringing excellent network experience to customers especially in densely populated areas like shopping hotspots, performance venues, etc.
iii. 256 QAM – Increases the peak download rate to provide experience of high speed network.
800+ Mbps is the peak download speed supported by CMHK 4.5G network. It requires a compatible handset device and the appropriate network coverage. Actual performance may vary due to factors including, but not limited to, coverage, hardware, location, network configuration, and traffic condition.