China Mobile's Core Value

Responsibility Makes Perfection - Fulfilling its Responsibilities and Striving for Perfection

Vision & Mission


To be your preferred partner in the digital world.


To Customer: Provide customers with a quality service experience
To Staff: Inspire and unleash the potential of staff.
To Partner: Be a reliable business partner.

Vision Culture

Convergence in culture and energy, innovation leads to progress!

T: Trust. Dare to entrust, harmony in diversity, willing to delegate.

R: Responsibility.
To Customer: Being a customer-centric enterprise to offer great customer service.
To Staff: Enable staff to expand and fulfil their potential.
To Partner: Build an equality, mutual benefit partnership.
To Group: Being an international role-model for the group
To society: Becoming a respectable excellent enterprise in Hong Kong.

Y: Care for you.Care for customers, staff and partners.

Compliance Vision

Abide by the Laws

Respect Regulations

Fulfil Commitments

Cultivate Oneself

Staff Culture

Staff Empowerment: Encourage staff in the continuous study so for all-round development. Established the Youth Development Committee and launched a development plan, adhering to the mission of "Youth Has No Age, Youth is an Attitudeā€. Encourage staff to stay young and achieve continuous growth and development, realizing their self-worth.

Staff Care: Care for the needs of staff and promote a caring culture. Set up a Happiness Committee to focus on staff welfare, and organize physical and mental health, cultural and recreational activities for staff to enjoy and enhance their happiness index.