China Mobile's Core Value

Responsibility Makes Perfection - Fulfilling its Responsibilities and Striving for Perfection

Vision & Mission


- To be a first-class service provider in the development of digitalized and intelligent Hong Kong.


  • To Customer: Provide customers with a quality service experience
  • To Staff: Inspire and unleash the potential of staff.
  • To Partner: Be a reliable business partner.

Vision Culture

Convergence in culture and energy, innovation leads to progress!

  • T: Trust. Dare to entrust, harmony in diversity, willing to delegate.
  • R: Responsibility.
    • To Customer: Being a customer-centric enterprise to offer great customer service.
    • To Staff: Enable staff to expand and fulfil their potential.
    • To Partner: Build an equality, mutual benefit partnership.
    • To Group: Being an international role-model for the group
    • To society: Becoming a respectable excellent enterprise in Hong Kong.
  • Y: Care for You.Care for customers, staff and partners.

Compliance Vision

  • Abide by the Laws
  • Respect Regulations
  • Fulfil Commitments
  • Cultivate Oneself

Staff Culture

  • Staff Empowerment: Encourage staff in the continuous study so for all-round development. Established the Youth Development Committee and launched a development plan, adhering to the mission of "Youth Has No Age, Youth is an Attitude”. Encourage staff to stay young and achieve continuous growth and development, realizing their self-worth.
  • Staff Care: Care for the needs of staff and promote a caring culture. Set up a Happiness Committee to focus on staff welfare, and organize physical and mental health, cultural and recreational activities for staff to enjoy and enhance their happiness index.

Supplier Management

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (“CMHK”) maintains the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with suppliers. Currently, CMHK has in place the “Procurement Policy”, “Supplier Management Policy”, and “Compliance Management Policy” to advocate suppliers to carry out social responsibilities in the protection of intellectual property rights, labor, environmental and social regulations, thus establishing a win-win cooperation between CMHK and our valuable suppliers.