Graduate Trainee Program

Graduate Trainee Program is designed to nurture future leaders for the China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited. We aim at bringing you a unique opportunity to unveil your potential and realize your career aspiration. 1- year graduate trainee program is a perfect platform which leads you to pursue a career in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry through assisting you to map your path to success. Get ready for such unforgettable experiences? Let's give ourselves a chance to create a better future together!


*You can choose one of the following streams to start your career journey in China Mobile Hong Kong :

Commercial Stream

  • Commercial Stream includes Marketing Division, Sales Centre, MyLink Centre, Corporate Market Division, Customer Experience Management Division and Customer Service Centre. It is mainly responsible for formulating and implementing CMHK's marketing strategy, exploring new products and developing digital business, as well as managing marketing events & channel sales activities, thus to meet company's objectives in short and long term. In addition, it sets up high performance standards to ensure that quality have been fulfilled and it also assures customers of receiving the most superior customer services so as to enhance total customer satisfaction.

Technical Stream

  • Technical Stream includes Network Development Division, Network Operation & Maintenance Division, Radio Optimization Centre, Digital Intelligentization Divisions. It is mainly responsible for formulating and implementing CMHK's network planning and construction as well as managing network resources and conducting performance analysis. To ensure customers with a wide coverage and stable network, it's dedicated to providing a high quality of the network maintenance and optimizing the network monitoring systems. It also aligns with the company's network development plan for the implementation, support and maintenance of base stations. Digital Intelligentization division is responsible for business support systems' planning, development and maintenance as well as the formulation of information security measures.

Corporate Services Stream

  • Corporate Services Stream includes Corporate Affairs(Compliance Management Office), Strategy, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement & Supply Chain Centre, Internal Audit and Legal & Regulatory  Divisions. It is mainly responsible for supporting commercial and technical streams' operation. Corporate Services Stream manages the duties of company's financial accounting, reporting and planning. It also implements and executes company's strategy, compliance, manages and optimizes workflow process as well as handles general and network equipment procurement. In addition, Internal Audit and Legal & Regulatory divisions manage company's risk control, legal regulatory and enhance operational effectiveness. Human Resources Division plays a key role in recruiting, developing and retaining talents, and supporting employee care activities.

As a pioneer in 5G network, through 1- year intensive Graduate Trainee Program, you will develop yourself in ICT industry under an environment of Trust, Responsible and Care. We will grow together towards our company vision "To be a first-class service provider in the development of digitalized and intelligent Hong Kong."

  • You will go through job rotation to different major business functions to understand company business and operations in a comprehensive way.
  • You will attend various types of classroom trainings and experiential learning to enhance your hard and soft skills.
  • You will participate in sharing sessions from senior executives in which you can explore the way of success.
  • You will have chance to attend site visits and touring to our business partners and China Mobile outside Hong Kong to learn their best practices.
  • You will complete group projects with other trainees to further enhance your capabilities and contribute to company development.


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