China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited Wins Bid for the 2100 MHz Band

China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (“CMHK”) is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully bid the 2100 MHz frequency band on 8th December 2014. This spectrum will bring great benefits to the Company's overall network structure and business development.

“We are very pleased with the successful bidding at the spectrum auction. The newly acquired spectrum will integrate with our existing spectrum as a result to enrich our network bandwidth that brings a better mobile experience to our customers. As we all know, radio spectrum is a precious resource in the telecommunications sector and vital to network development. The successful bid for the new spectrum not only reveals that we actively allocate resources in enhancing our network but also demonstrates our commitment in providing customers with quality services.” said Mr. Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK.  

CMHK has full confidence in the prospects for Hong Kong mobile data business. The Company will continue to provide customers with superb mobile broadband services with up-to-date network infrastructure and technologies.