China Mobile Hong Kong 4G data roaming coverage No.1 in Hong Kong
First mobile operator to cover more than 100 destinations worldwide
Poised to become a leading global communications expert

Hong Kong, 9th January, 2017 – China Mobile Hong Kong (“CMHK” or “the Company”) today announced that the Company has ranked first* in the number of 4G data roaming coverage destinations among all the mobile network operators in Hong Kong, offering one-stop communication services in more than 100 destinations worldwide, allowing customers to stay in touch with business partners, friends and relatives via voice call, text message and data roaming services anytime.

Mr. Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK, said: “CMHK is dedicated to continually expanding our international roaming services for enhanced customer experience. Through close collaboration with our roaming partners, we have been striving to provide customers with products and services of maximum advantages. We are extremely happy to become the first local mobile network operator having achieved the most extensive coverage of 4G data roaming with seamless connectivity. I strongly believe that with our ongoing 4.5G network development and optimization, we will be able to substantially enhance the overall mobile communication experience and services for our customers."

Leveraging its robust network advantages, CMHK has firmly established a leadership in the China-Hong Kong cross-border market earlier. In facing increasing customer demands and fierce competition in the industry, CMHK will continue to be motivated by improved customer recognition, as well as to seek for higher quality global network and overseas interconnected communication solutions. CMHK has been proactively promoting international roaming services, and allied with 480 roaming partners to offer roaming service that covers more than 250 countries worldwide. CMHK is well poised to become a leading global communications expert in the high-speed data era, bringing customers comprehensive, seamless connectivity and communication services of multiple regions around the globe.

*The 4G data roaming service coverage is measured against a designated list of destinations, please visit the China mobile Hong Kong website for details. The data was retrieved from public information available at the official websites of local mobile operators as of December 28, 2016.

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