Bank of China (Hong Kong), China Mobile International and
China Mobile Hong Kong Sign a Comprehensive
Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Partnership aims to provide optimal products and service experience for customers by leveraging the strengths of the three large corporations

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ("BOCHK"), China Mobile International Limited ("CMI") and China Mobile Hong Kong Limited ("CMHK") jointly announced that the three corporations have signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. By leveraging the strengths of the three large corporations in our respective fields and by collaborating in full-scale, we can bring synergies of the three leading Chinese corporations to full play in creating mutually beneficial and win-win partnership.

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement was held on the 70th floor of the Bank of China Tower. Mr. Yue Yi, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of BOCHK, Dr. Li Feng, Chairman of CMI and CMHK, together with other senior executives attended the ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Yue Yi, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of BOCHK, said: “CMI, CMHK and BOCHK are three leading and influential players in their respective industries. As a leader in communications technology industry, China Mobile demonstrates extensive experience in personal communications services and mobile networks. BOCHK is one of the largest commercial banks in Hong Kong with solid financial background and the largest branch network, while leading the FinTech innovative development and application in Hong Kong’s banking industry.”

Mr. Yue continued: “This collaboration can be described as a "Perfect Match". We can optimise our respective strengths to complement each other. With China Mobile’s strengths in communications technology and platforms, together with BOCHK’s expertise in banking services, we will be able to leap over respective market boundaries, and achieve comprehensive cross-field convergence for the best use of our resources.”

Dr. Li Feng, Chairman of CMI and CMHK, said: "We are extremely pleased to enter into this strategic cooperation agreement with BOCHK. As Hong Kong’s premier bank, BOCHK is deeply rooted in Hong Kong, while at the same time closely keep up with the "One Belt, One Road" strategy to actively expand the Southeast Asian market as its development focus. This is consistent with our strategy, as CMHK has built a strong foundation in Hong Kong, while CMI has established presence in global markets. Our cooperation is not only based on our large cross-border customer base and the strategy of actively developing cross-border customers, but also an innovative play of our respective advantages in resources, seeking to establish a common business development platform and achieve win-win cooperation.”

Develop Diversified Service Platforms Cultivate Core Customer Base
BOCHK, CMI and CMHK are committed to providing customers with the best financial services and mobile network communications services, as well as to developing diversified service platforms for best customer experiences. Through the strategic physical networks and diversified online marketing channels of the three corporations, customer experience will be enhanced with more relevant service information catering to their lifestyle and needs, coupled with broader service coverage, higher quality, more comprehensive and personalised services.

Accelerate Regional Development Jointly Develop Southeast Asian business
Accelerate Regional Development Jointly Develop Southeast Asian business With CMI’s extensive networks and advantages in Southeast Asia, BOCHK will be able to enhance its network and channel services in the region. By accelerating the development and business collaboration of both parties in the region, BOCHK can provide more convenient and faster services to residents in Southeast Asia and cross-border travellers.

The tripartite management teams have unanimously endorsed the cooperation with much expectation. BOCHK, CMI and CMHK are all prestigious leading institutions with unique advantages in their respective industries. The tripartite collaboration allows us to make full use of our own expertise and edges to achieve resources sharing and offering benefits to mutual business and common customers. For the cross-border market in particular, CMI’s "JegoTrip" platform coupled with BOCHK’s accurate customer analysis and target marketing, we can offer more suitable products and privileged services to our high-quality customers. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement can help promote cross-industry cooperation and integrate our strengths for the benefits of our customers. Apart from effectively expanding each other's target customer base, making it more conducive to enriching our products and services coverage and enhancing cross-border competitive edges, we can also jointly create more values for the cross-border and local customers.