China Mobile Hong Kong, China Mobile International and China Taiping Insurance Group’s subsidiaries jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement
China Taiping Insurance (HK), Taiping Financial Holdings and China Taiping Life Insurance (HK) are the China Taiping subsidiaries signing the agreement

(Hong Kong, 9th August 2018) On the afternoon of 7th August, subsidiaries of China Taiping Insurance Group Company Limited, namely China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Limited, Taiping Financial Holdings Company Limited and China Taiping Life Insurance (HK) Company Limited jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited and China Mobile International Limited. The strategic partners will strengthen cooperation in the areas of customer base, business development and enterprise information management, explore market and customer growth and enhance value, reinforce marketing channels and internationalized operations through fully exploring and leveraging the advantageous resources in their respective fields, as well as integrating resources of multiple parties to achieve sound economic efficiency, complementary advantages and a win-win partnership.



China Taiping Insurance Group Chairman Wang Bin, Deputy General Manager Hong Bo and Xiao Xing, and China Mobile Communications Group Chairman Shang Bing, Chief Executive Officer Li Yue and Vice President Dong Xin gathered at China Taiping’s Hong Kong headquarters for the signing ceremony.


Wang Bin, Chairman of China Taiping Insurance Group, welcomed the visit of Shang Bing, Chairman of China Mobile Communications Group and his colleagues, and thanked China Mobile for its long-term cooperation with China Taiping. Mr. Wang introduced China Taiping's “Building a New Taiping in 3 Years’ Time", Top-quality Strategy and "Three-step Strategy”, especially highlighting the Group being selected as a Fortune 500 Global company.  Focusing on building China Taiping as a leading enterprise of the Central government, China Taiping hopes to further its cooperation with China Mobile in technology, healthcare and internationalization on an expanded horizon and thus reaping more fruitful results.


Shang Bing was also thankful for the two Groups’ long-term partnership. Mr. Shang said that China Mobile is a world-class telecommunications operator with the world's largest network and customer base, a leading position in profitability and market value ranking. China Taiping and China Mobile, both Central-government enterprises focusing on internationalization, will complement each other in the fields of fintech, AI, healthcare, internationalized operation, and building of the Greater Bay Area with strengthened cooperation and joint efforts.


Cooperation of the two Groups has achieved significant results since their first contract signing in 2014. In line with the development of the new era, China Mobile and China Taiping will further strengthen communication and understanding to perfect all aspects of the current strategic cooperation agreement at the earliest.