China Mobile Hong Kong connects Hong Kong's first-ever 5G voice and video call


(from left to right) Mr. Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK; Dr Max Ma, Director and Executive Vice President of CMHK; Dr. Li Feng, Chairman of CMHK; Mr. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of CMHK; Mr Ge Jianbao, Director & Executive Vice President, CFO,CCO


(Hong Kong, 17 May, 2019) CMHK has been devoting itself to the development of 5G network. Celebrating the World Telecommunications Day on 17 May, CMHK completed Hong Kong’s first local and international voice and video call. The calls were made using a 5G smartphone on a 5G network that brings the clarity of high-definition voice calls and crisp, smooth video calls.

The first non-CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) speed test was conducted on the same day to test 5G speeds and the results are as follows: average download speed of 800Mbps+ and peaking at over 1Gbps, with less than 10ms* latency.

“4G has changed lives. 5G will change the society” said Dr. Li Feng, Chairman of CMHK. “Connecting Hong Kong’s first high-definition local voice calls and international video call through 5G network is an important milestone for CMHK 5G and it turns a new page on the Hong Kong’s 5G development. This is, at the same time, a significant step towards becoming a smart city and to be a part of the Greater Bay Area’s development in becoming the International Innovation and Technology Hub.”

CMHK has responded positively to the company’s “5G+” Project and complement the existing 4G network with 5G infrastructure; to seamlessly integrate 5G into Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data, Edge computing and other information and communications technology; and to build a 5G+ ecosystem for a higher quality of living of our society and bring Hong Kong closer to becoming the International Innovation and Technology Hub. The “5G+” concept extends to different aspects of society, such as 5G+ shopping mall to revamp the society. The breakthrough today validated CMHK’s efforts in 5G development, and built a solid foundation for “5G+” Project.


*Data obtained from The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) Broadband Performance Test