China Mobile Hong Kong Invested HKD553 Million in Attaining All 5G Spectrum Introduce a brand new 5G++concept to lead technological advancement and transcend the limits of everyday life


(Hong Kong, 7 November 2019) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is pleased to announce today the acquisition of 120 MHz of various 5G spectrum, auctioned for HKD553 million in three batches by the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). Together with the earlier assignment of 26 GHz and 28GHz bands from OFCA, CMHK obtained a total of 520 MHz of 5G spectrum, making it one of the local mobile service operators that has acquired the most 5G resources to date. CMHK is in full readiness to launch the 5G service in the 2nd quarter of 2020.


Mr. Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, is gratified with the successful attainment of 520 MHz of all available 5G spectrum. This further underlines CMHK’s strategy of continuous commitment and investment in developing 5G technology and infrastructure. Mr. Lee says: “As a market leader, CMHK has been developing 5G technology and its applications since 2016. With the comprehensive 5G spectrum that we have attained, we are confident in continuing to lead the industry through our achievements. We are ready to introduce Hong Kong to the world of 5G.” For more details on CMHK’s 5G achievements and milestones.


Mr. Lee added that CMHK is now proactively working on 5G monthly plans to meet the market’s demand, ensuring the public can step into the era of 5G at a reasonable cost.

A Pioneering 5G++ Concept  


As Hong Kong is launching its 5G service, CMHK will also introduce its brand new 5G++ concept and unveil the 5G++ logo. Incorporating the symbols for “5G” and “infinity”, the new logo symbolizes the infinite possibilities that 5G will bring to the world. It also denotes CMHK’s vision and mission of open-mindedness and sharing. The two plus signs on the top right corner of the logo symbolize CMHK’s wish to bring added value to various industries and individuals; the ascending size of the two plus signs also shows the dedication and enthusiasm of CMHK in exploring and developing technological advancement, and inspiring society as a whole. In addition, CMHK is introducing an all-new look with the new 5G++ concept in all retail outlets, as well as launching a dedicated 5G++ mini-website to educate the public about the characteristics and application of 5G in daily lives.



The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance
With 5G available soon, CMHK, China Mobile Guangdong, CTM and Guangdong Communication Industry Association have jointly established “The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance” (The Alliance) since August 2018. By leveraging its resource-sharing platform and the concerted efforts of various members, the Alliance hopes to bring about a synergy in strengthening the 5G eco-system and the creation of a smart metropolis in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). As a founding member of the Alliance, CMHK will continue to promote 5G technological research and development as well as respective product innovation in different fields and industries in the GBA. CMHK believes that the Alliance will optimize the use of resources, encourage various 5G applications and also strengthen communications among industry peers.