China Mobile Hong Kong ride out the difficult times with the Hong Kong Citizens

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (CMHK) has stood by Hong Kongers throughout the pandemic. By providing telecommunications support and fundraising, it has spread love and care for the city.

Supporting Underprivileged Students

In response to the Hong Kong Education Bureau’s “Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning” initiative, CMHK catered to underprivileged students’ needs for online education wholeheartedly. To date, CMHK has given out a multitude of local mobile data SIM cards to primary and secondary school students from grassroots families through various social welfare and education institutes, including 10,000 SIM cards to Hong Kong Jockey Club, 3,000 SIM cards to former LegCo member Rebecca Chan Hoi-yan, 1,000 50GB SIM cards to Hong Kong Innovation Foundation, and 2,000 SIM cards to Henderson Development’s Anti-Epidemic Fund.


Image 1: CMHK distributes laptops, portable routers and local mobile data SIM cards to underprivileged students through Henderson Development’s “Anti-Epidemic Fund”.

Precise Choice of Beneficiaries to Aid the Communities in Need

When the city suffered from a shortage for personal protective equipment (PPE) during the virus outbreak, CMHK donated 20,000 surgical face masks to the Taxi Drivers & Operators Association. In response to the generous act, the Association has given CMHK a certificate of appreciation to praises the company.


Image 2: CMHK gifts surgical face masks to the Taxi Drivers & Operators Association

Meanwhile, CMHK and China Mobile International Limited proactively organized internal fundraising events to collect PPE and virus-fighting resources. CMHK donated 10,200 face masks and 232 hand sanitizers to low-income families, patients with long-term illnesses and ethnic minorities with the help of NGOs like Lok Sin Tong, Hong Chi Association, Hong Kong Society for the Blind and HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre.


Image 3: CMHK staff initiated a fundraising event to gather PPE resources for local NGOs

Caring For Hong Kongers’ Mental Health in the Name of Love

CMHK has introduced special hotline service to the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch to provide emotional support for Hong Kong citizens who are stranded in Mainland China. Registered social workers offer professional counselling, emotional relief and latest pandemic updates to them.


Image 4: CMHK provides service hotline to maintain stable communications for HK citizens stranded in Mainland China

To fight against the pandemic, we must connect with the citizens. CMHK will continue to make a commitment on social responsibility and care for the underprivileged to get through this difficult time.