China Mobile Hong Kong Participated in Pandemic Recovery Activities as Co-initiator of the Hong Kong Coalition

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has co-initiated two pandemic recovery activities initiated with the Hong Kong Coalition (The Coalition) to distribute 10 million face masks and urge corporates against layoffs during the resulting economic downturn, aiming to combat this prolonged pandemic alongside with every Hong Kong citizen.

The Coalition hosted their 1st large scale charity event on May 9, 2020, distributing 10 million face masks to Hong Kong residents. Over a thousand co-initiators helped to deliver 10 million face masks across 18 districts, reminding citizens to stay vigilant against the virus. Mr. Sean Lee, Director & CEO of CMHK actively participated in the distribution of face masks at Tai Ping Estate. The event was well-received and CMHK aims to put all efforts into proactively defeating the virus and to help society resume normality.



The Coalition launched a new campaign on May 12, urging corporates to assure no layoffs during the pandemic. Representatives from 50 enterprises were invited to the press conference, including Mr. Sean Lee, Director & CEO of CMHK. To date, over 4,000 companies haves pledged to retain employees during the pandemic.



The Coalition also launched another campaign on June 11, Mr. Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK attended the press conference showing CMHK's support to the Coalition and the campaign. The campaign aimed to offer various discounts to Hong Kong citizens, stimulating consumer spending, and expediting economic recovery. In support of the event, CMHK will roll out a series of offers, including Mylink credits via CMHK eshop, and the exclusion of administrative and delivery costs. More details can be found at:


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, CMHK has given continuous support through telecommunication channels and has made generous donations. In response to the Education Bureau’s “Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning” initiative, CMHK has offered free learning and teaching resources via its mobile applications “Sync Class” and “UTV” so that students and teachers can experience learning and teaching in the digital realm. CMHK has also fulfilled the needs of enterprises’ with various corporate telecoms solutions.

CMHK continues to uphold its corporate responsibility -- care for the community and give back to society. CMHK will introduce more remedial solutions, and weather the difficulties together with Hong Kong citizens.