China Mobile Hong Kong Joins Hands with The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance to Launch “Latest Updates on 5G Technology and Application” Online Seminar

China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited (CMHK) and The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance (5G Alliance) held an online seminar titled “Latest Updates on 5G Technology and Application” on July 30. Industry experts such as CMHK, SenseTime, Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud and academics discussed how 5G technology will optimize industries in the Greater Bay Area and how the new 5G infrastructures will revolutionize the world.

“The 5G Alliance is ambitiously synergizing the establishment of 5G eco-industrial chain in the Greater Bay Area across different industries. With unique advantages such as a comprehensive manufacturing and a well-developed tertiary industry, highly-accessible transportation system, cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence infrastructure, the Greater Bay Area is crafting a smart future in every aspect, from transport, industry, ports, home, finance, health and medicine, to education and travel.

At the same time, the 5G network has gradually integrated in the area influencing every aspect of daily life. While China Mobile Guangdong kick-started commercial use of the 5G networks in the province, CMHK has also introduced 5G to Hong Kong with 93% of urban outdoor coverage.” Said Sean Lee, Founding Chairman of The GBA 5G Industry Alliance and Director & CEO of China Mobile Hong Kong.


Image 1: Sean Lee, Founding Chairman of The GBA 5G Industry Alliance and Director & CEO of China Mobile Hong Kong delivers the opening speech for the ceremony

Merging the revolutionary characteristics of the 5G network such as enhanced speed, low latency and high connectivity, with various technologies, telecoms operators are now able to provide network slicing services to vertical industries based on location, time and types of services.

During the seminar, Gordon Guo, Deputy Head of Internet & Enterprise Solution Division of CMHK walked participants through the development and market observations of 5G industry, as well as updates on the latest 3GPP R16 technology for 5G network. With the new 5G technological framework, telecoms operator can provide flexible, secure and quality-assured solutions for network slicing and mobile edge computing. With a designated standalone slicing network for 5G Cloud Game Streaming Service, fans will enjoy exquisite gaming experiences. Guo added that incorporating AI, internet of things and big data, 5G networks would speed up the creation of a smart city and industry transformation and optimization as it leads changes in smart driving, internet of cars, drones, HD live-broadcast, smart port and smart finance, etc.


Image 2: Gordon Guo, Deputy Head of Internet & Enterprise Solution Division of CMHK explores the applications of 5G technology

Different industry leaders shared their vision towards the application of 5G in the Greater Bay Area during the event. Dr Tsang Kim-Fung, Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong, Founding Director of the Smart City Consortium, Chairman of “Internet of Things” Committee, and President of Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance, Honorary Advisor Committee stressed that the demand for smart sensors will rapidly increase in the future as the number of internet of things have surpassed 1 billion globally. The 5G Alliance will commit itself to perfecting the standardization of internet of things while fueling the optimization of industry chains so as to access the economic benefits across Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Moving forward, big data derived from the application of 5G networks will assist the government in societal governance as it accelerates a smart government system.

Hailong Shang, Managing Director of SenseTime Hong Kong points out that the introduction of 5G networks will drive the development of a “new economy” in the Greater Bay Area as it synthesizes the merging of traditional economies with artificial intelligence. Shang says that it is crucial to minimize malfunctions during payment processing as businesses require enhanced network quality. Not only can Hong Kong increase payment information security with 5G network slicing, it can also utilize eKYC technology to ensure a smooth and steady payment process.

Peter Koo, APAC Leader of IT & Specialized Assurance and Partner at Deloitte said that 5G technology will act as the engine to drive the digitalization of different industries and ultimately the progression of human society. In the making of a smart future, 5G will be primarily used to increase productivity, and gradually speed up industry innovation as it refines products, services and business models.

Discussing the 5G technology and application, the seminar concluded that 5G will unlock limitless possibilities in different industries at the Greater Bay Area, which has created enormous anticipation in the public on how 5G will drive industry digitalization and Informatization. The determination and capability of the 5G Alliance and its strategic partners to craft a 5G eco-industrial chain were fully demonstrated. Looking into the future in which 5G is integrated in different industries to benefit the masses, the 5G Alliance will continue working with different industry partners to push through 5G innovation, accelerate product research and development and the establishment of smart cities in the Greater Bay Area.