China Mobile Hong Kong Showcases Cutting-Edge 5G Telecommunications Solutions on “5G Solution Day 2020” The First Virtual Exhibition to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Industries

(Hong Kong – 22 October, 2020) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) will launch ‘5G Solution Day 2020’ to showcase its revolutionary 5G technologies and multifaceted corporate telecommunications solutions to enterprises and corporate partners on 22th October. Concerned about the ongoing pandemic, CMHK will reformat the Solution Day into an online live-broadcast presentation. The company’s experts will walk participants through the various milestones of its telecoms solutions, from 5G technology innovation, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud services, to unmanned aerial vehicle, high-definition live-broadcast and the smart parking solutions. Coupled with a virtual exhibition that demonstrates solutions from the company and its corporate partners, attendees will get a thorough understanding of how the ground-breaking 5G technology will unlock vast business opportunities that accelerate industry digital transformation.

Erecting The Cutting-Edge Smart Building Complex

Leveraging the virtual exhibition on ‘5G Solution Day 2020’, CMHK will demonstrate the pioneering edges it holds in diversified aspects of 5G technologies. In particular, CMHK has embedded state-of-the-art 5G network infrastructure into 46 Tsun Yip Street, reimagining the then ordinary industrial building into a smart building complex equipped with 5G network to keep up with the fast-changing world. Tenants will also enjoy a wide range of automated services without needing a key or a combination lock, from entering and exiting the complex to taking the elevator, with the ease of a designated mobile app. Moreover, tenants can remotely share entrance access with visitors, which will streamline the registration process and the property management operations. As each unit in the building is connected to CMHK’s swift and stable 5G mobile network and the full range of smart infrastructure, both property management and tenants will enjoy supersonic internet speed at the complex which has been transformed into the perfect stronghold as a leading-edge workplace.

Pushing the Acceleration of the 5G Eco-Industrial Chain

“2020 Being the inaugural year of 5G network, we have decided to take the 5G Solution Day online with a revolutionary format to reveal CMHK’s leading technologies and innovative vision in 5G network. Through presenting our latest telecoms solutions to corporates, we hope to spearhead the development of applied eco-industrial chain and realize our mission to craft Hong Kong into a truly world-class smart city.” Said Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong.

5G Unmanned aerial vehicle solution is one of the crucial applied technologies that the rise of 5G mobile network has empowered. From emergency rescue, forest fire prevention, hazard evaluation, traffic management, engineering surveillance and medical assistance, it is bound to drive more imaginative applications for different vertical industries. Launching the first 5G unmanned aerial vehicle project across Hong Kong, CMHK’s self-developed 5G module and UAV management platform has guaranteed secure connection between the vehicle endpoint and the remote control terminal, enabling autonomous flight and operations with substantial capacity and high compatibility. Moving forward, the company will collaborate with more corporate partners on research and developments of 5G unmanned vehicles to synergize the transformation of traditional industries as it continues to discover innovations.

Offering Tailored 5G Industry Solutions

5G Mobile telecommunications technology has become an elementary fuel to building a smart city as our world rapidly evolves into a digital society. Earlier this year, CMHK has won the tender for establishing 5G foundation infrastructure for The Airport Authority Hong Kong, which is the city’s first and biggest B2B 5G infrastructure project. Committed to design tailor-made industry solutions for corporate customers, not only does CMHK offer bespoke services to sectors spanning government and public service, banking and finance, retail and manufacture, hotel and food & beverage, medical, education, real estate, construction and transportation, it is also devoted to assist small and medium enterprises with all-rounded solutions to help them accelerate their businesses.

CMHK’s ‘5G Solution Day 2020’ is definitely a valuable opportunity for corporates to get familiarized with the latest applications and developments of the next generation telecoms solutions. “Having witnessed the changes the dawn of 5G era has brought across different industries, CMHK will continue to optimizing our existing services having the spirit of innovation at heart, as we prepare for the oncoming new technological waves.” Added Sean Lee.

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