The 3rd "China Mobile OneNET Hackathon Competition” for Greater Bay Area Division

(Hong Kong, November 18, 2020) The year 2020 heralds the arrival of fully-developed, accessible 5G, and as the leading local mobile network provider with the largest 5G spectrum in Hong Kong, China Mobile Hong Kong ("CMHK") is committed to enabling everyone to experience the infinite possibilities of 5G. CMHK is also supporting the government with the development of 5G technology, to assist the industry in network research and innovative technology development, and is determined to aid different industries in building a 5G ecology that actively creates the smart cities of the Greater Bay Area.


For the third year, CMHK is hosting the “China Mobile OneNET Hackathon Competition” during this essential landmark year in terms of the full commercialization for 5G, the theme of the competition is "5G – Infinite Possibilities". All entries must relate to areas of 5G and IoT, including blockchain, IoT, edge computing, smart livelihoods, smart city, Internet of Vehicles, or related innovation fields encompassing the exploration of new technologies, new products and new technology models. Since 2018, CMHK has brought the "China Mobile OneNET Hackathon Competition" to Hong Kong, and expanded the competition to the Greater Bay Area last year to provide a diversified exchange platform for nurturing talents nationwide. In the past two years, over 100 teams have participated in the competition, and some of them even entered into the finals in Guangzhou to compete with the nation's top technologists. The competition has become a standout platform for sharing ideas and avenues of development among the innovators.


The third “China Mobile OneNET Hackathon Competition (Greater Bay Area Division)” concluded successfully in September. Four teams were shortlisted from more than 50 participating teams as the winners, namely (in alphabetical order): Armitage Technologies Limited, Carbon World Limited, Guangzhou OUMI Blockchain Technology Co. Ltd. and Stockvins Technology Limited. These four finalists also won the "Highest Potential Award" recognition especially set up by CMHK at the same time to recognize that the ideas of the finalists are not only creative but also highly feasible. To commemorate the event, an award ceremony was held today and a total of HK$200,000 Seed Fund was given to the teams. The "Highest Potential Award" provides substantial extra support to competitors, including assisting the winners to implement R&D projects by leveraging the strong network and resources that exist within China Mobile Group. Professional support will also be provided in the future on the latest technology and information on the market, as well as support with marketing promotion, facilitating the winners to put their project concept into practice.


Mr. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, said at the event: "CMHK has been actively promoting the development of 5G technology and the development of smart cities built on this technology. As 5G matures, CMHK is striving to integrate 5G technology into daily lives with creativity, including laying 5G infrastructure in shopping malls, providing the first public high-speed 5G WIFI network, the first 5G smart building and 5G networked drones, etc. We want the public to feel that 5G technology is not a remote concept; on the contrary it is closely related to our daily lives. Whether it is living, dining out, travel or enjoying entertainment, 5G technology will optimize our experience across different perspectives and greatly enhance our quality of life."


"We hope that through the competition, we can help to cultivate more highly technical professionals and provide them with essential related support. At the same time, we will cooperate with the industry-leading China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre, together offering the perfect ecological environment created by the Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance, and so we provide ample opportunities for developers to test their ideas and put them into practice. We are determined to promote the application of 5G technology and IoT in Hong Kong and the entire Greater Bay Area, so as to promote seamless integration and prosperity of the two areas, enabling both to get ready for a new smart era of 5G."


1. Management of China Mobile Hong Kong attended the award ceremony, including Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong; Ge Jianbao, Director & Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong; Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, Mr. Chan Kam Wing, General Manager of Marketing Department of China Mobile Hong Kong; Mr. Lian Zhouxiong, Head of New Business Department of China Mobile Hong Kong (client to confirm the English names and titles)


2. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong and Four Finalists




3. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong signed memorandum of understanding with Four Finalist teams