Speedtest.net reveals China Mobile Hong Kong’s 5G network as the fastest in the market

As the market leader, China Mobile Hong Kong's (CMHK) 5G service has exceptional speed performance, and unanimously acknowledged by Hong Kong's five major technology media. Recently, a iPhone 12 5G speed test report published by the globally respected mobile network testing application Speedtest® demonstrated that CMHK’s 5G network was outstanding, with the fastest upload and download speeds in relation to peers.



Speedtest.net (Speedtest) is the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis, , including upload and download data rates and latency. Since its establishment in 2006, Speedtest has recorded a total of more than 30 billion tests, with an average of more than 10 million tests per day. Ookla, Speedtest’s parent company is headquartered in Seattle, USA, but often conducts field visits all over the world. As an independent organization, it conducts testing across different countries or regions, sharing reports on network quality. The public appreciates the impartiality and market-leading reputation of such an industry arbiter.


Recently, Speedtest conducted a iPhone 12 5G speed test in Hong Kong, the report revealed that CMHK, as the only operator to obtain the 3.3 GHz (3,380-3,400 MHz) and 3.5 GHz (3,400-3,460 MHz) contiguous spectrums, ranked among the top performers. The data upload and download speeds were recorded at 32.98Mbps and 212.77 Mbps respectively, besting the other three operators by significant margins.


China Mobile Group is a 5G development pioneer, establishing its first 5G Innovation Centre in 2016. CMHK has set a number of firsts in the city’s 5G development: it was the first operator to obtain a trail permit for 5G test, the first to complete 5G end-to-end network testing (client terminal to application) and 5G commercial equipment base station field-testing, the first to host an in-mall 5G experience showcase in Hong Kong, and the first to connect to the first-ever 5G voice and video call in the city.


CMHK is the first operator in Hong Kong to provide 5G standalone networking services (Standalone or “SA”), which supports "Network Slicing" services to meet the different needs of various businesses. It facilitates the smart transformation of various industries and powers the business development engine. CMHK is actively discussing the deployment of 5G standalone network with multiple stakeholders, including those in the financial, real estate, and property management industries. It is determined to create diversified commercial solutions and further develops diversified 5G applications. With 5G SA, CMHK’s UGame will deliver a stable, smooth, and high-definition video quality online entertainment experience to customers.


Entering 2021, CMHK’s corporate ethos of aiming for perfection will continue to spearhead Hong Kong’s smart city development through advanced technology, and enable CMHK to serve as customers’ most preferred digital provider.


*According to the iPhone 12 5G network test report issued on January 14, 2021 by Ookla, an authority on Internet connection and performance testing. According to the test report, China Mobile Hong Kong had the fastest upload and download speeds compared to the three other major 5G service providers in Hong Kong during the 4th quarter of 2020. For details, please refer to the report link: https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/apple-iphone-12-launch-5g-speeds/ .