China Mobile Hong Kong scoops numerous awards to manifest network strength

(Hong Kong, 2 March 2021) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has recently won the “Best Mobile Network - Gold” and “Best 5G Mobile Operator - Silver” awards at the CAHK STAR Awards 2020, presented by the Communications Association of Hong Kong. CMHK also attained The Best 5G Network Provider award on "Elite Brand Awards 2020" organized by the Oriental Press Group Limited, a major Chinese language newspaper in Hong Kong. The accolades fully affirm the public’s recognition of CMHK's commitment in pursuit of a high-quality network and customer experience.


Being customer-centric is at the heart of what CMHK does. CMHK is determined to become customers’ most preferred digital partner and has leveraged cutting-edge technology to offer diversified products & services to cater the communication needs of different customer and enrich their user experience. In order to enhance customer experience and foster digital transformation, CMHK actively promote online and offline integration through MyLink App, allowing customers to handle communication service needs without leaving home, which not only enhances customer experience, but also maintain high efficiency. 


As one of the local operators with the largest 5G spectrum in Hong Kong, CMHK is dedicated to leveraging its leading technology and abundant spectrum resources to present a superior and unparalleled 5G network experience to its customers and corporate clients. Recently, Speedtest®, the internationally renowned mobile network testing application, demonstrated that CMHK’s 5G service has exceptional speed performance by their latest 5G speed test report with iPhone 12, CMHK has the fastest upload and download speeds in relation to peers.


CMHK is a 5G development pioneer and has set a number of firsts in the city’s 5G development. In November 2019, CMHK became the first operator in Hong Kong to launch commercial 5G standalone networking services. The unprecedented advantages of 5G SA enable CMHK to offer ‘Network Slicing’ services to corporate clients. In particular, it provides a flexible combination of network services to meet the different needs of various businesses, through slicing the 5G network into a number of End-to-End virtual networks based on specific resource demands, promoting the IoT development in different industries.


CMHK has been unanimously acknowledged by Hong Kong associations and major media which truly deserve this. Empowered by sufficient 5G spectrum resources and cutting-edge technology, CMHK will continue its commitment in establishing a superlative and reliable 5G network, thereby accelerating the development of the IoT across different industries and ultimately elevating Hong Kong to a smart metropolis with unlimited opportunities.


Photo 1 “Best Mobile Network - Gold” (Left) and “Best 5G Mobile Operator - Silver” awards (Right)


Photo 2 The Best 5G Network Provider award - "Elite Brand Awards 2020"