China Mobile Hong Kong and Zhen Hua Engineering Co. Ltd. sign a memorandum of understanding and kick-start "Smart Construction Site" solutions to revolutionize Hong Kong's construction industry


The "Smart Construction Site" MOU was signed by Dr. Max Ma (front row, left), Director and Executive Vice President of CMHK, and Mr. Qiao Yang (front row, right), Vice President of Zhen Hua Engineering Co Limited, and witnessed by Mr. Sean Lee (back row, left), Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK, and Mr. Su Yansong (back row, right), Deputy General Manager of China Harbour Engineering Co Limited & Managing Director of Zhen Hua Engineering Co Limited.


(Hong Kong, April 20, 2021) With 5G technology development becoming a subject of global attention in recent years, China Mobile Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as "CMHK") has been committed to building a high-quality and reliable 5G network to empower the development of Hong Kong Smart City, as well as promoting the development of 5G network application eco-chains across various aspects. Now CMHK has extended the functionality of 5G technology to the construction industry by signing a memorandum of understanding with Zhen Hua Engineering Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “ZHEC”)) and initiating the development of "Smart Construction Site" to promote the diversified applications of 5G.

Expanding 5G technology in construction sectors creates new "Smart Construction Site” with ZHEC

Since the commercial launch of 5G on 1 April in the past year, CMHK has been gradually integrating 5G technology into citizen's lives, including the deployment of the first 5G smart bank in Hong Kong, the first 5G smart building in Hong Kong and the launch of 5G networked Unmanned Aerial Services applications. Today, CMHK and ZHEC signed a memorandum of understanding to bring 5G technology to ZHEC, combining technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Unmanned Aerial Service (UAS), etc. to realize "Smart Construction Site" solutions.

During the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony, Mr. Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK, said, "Established nearly 40 years ago, ZHEC is a leading engineering company in Hong Kong, and has participated in many large-scale construction projects over the years, such as the Reclamation Work of Hong Kong International Airport‘s Third-Runway and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Section, and has won the recognition of government and the industry for its excellent technology. The partnership between CMHK and ZHEC, which leverages on the strengths of both companies in their respective fields, will enable the implementation of the "Smart Construction Site" solutions and set the standard for the ‘Smart Construction Site’ in Hong Kong, which is expected to bring revolutionary changes to the construction industry in Hong Kong.”

Smart Construction Site solutions realize the five-in-one concept of "sensing, analyzing, servicing, commanding and monitoring”

Through the technologies of IoT, spatial locating, mobile communications, cloud computing and big data, Smart Construction Site solutions provide intelligent and integrated products for enterprises. The products are equipped with locating, sensing, early warning and audio/video functions, such as the "Cloud + Terminal" integrated management platform based on a common IP architecture, realizing the five-in-one concept of "sensing, analyzing, serving, commanding and monitoring".

China Mobile Hong Kong Smart Construction Site Solutions include:

  1. 5G Unmanned Aerial Systems (hereafter referred to as “UAS”)
  • With its market-leading 5G network, CMHK has created a new model of networked UAS for use in construction and other scenarios by combining its self-developed Hubble 1's dedicated 5G airborne terminal with China Mobile Link-cloud flight control platform deployed in Hong Kong. With the mobility and flexibility of the UAS, it can effectively solve the problems of high cost, high risk and low efficiency of manual monitoring from work-at-height monitoring. In addition, the innovative application of 5G UAS can solve the problem of traditional UAS not being able to fly far and transmit back. Based on the characteristics of 5G's high network speed, low latency and high-volume transmission, combined with artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the UAS can monitor remotely, acquire and analyze live HD video in real-time, greatly improving the efficiency of site survey and project progress monitoring.
  1. Smart Boundary Monument
  • The solution is capable of monitoring key indicators such as vibration, displacement and site environment in real-time, uploading data at regular intervals, providing real-time warnings of emergencies and photo inspection, as well as conducting remote VR video inspection through 5G panoramic cameras. The intelligent boundary monument is ready to use and can be deployed in conjunction with 5G UAS, 5G self-driving mining trucks, 5G edge computing and content storage, sensing big data analytics and other 5G applications.
  1. Monitoring System
  • Progress management includes the timely capture of changes in progress, monitoring of progress and timely corrections. In addition, a complete construction file can be archived to record and display the entire construction process.
  • Safety management includes six benefits which are achieved through hazardous area intrusion alerts, including monitoring, analysis, warning, prevention, recording and control.
  1. Tower Crane Monitoring System
  • Lifting hook viewing allows the tower crane driver to observe the underside of the hook while operating the tower crane, effectively enhancing work accuracy and safety.
  • Driver's viewing makes it easier for the safety officer to carry out inspections and effectively reduces driver's violations.
  • Rope viewing saves maintenance time for rope control and allows for early detection and action to be taken to improve site safety.
  1. Smart Helmets
  • The smart helmet provides technologies including real-time on-site location, real-time worker management, real-time incident reporting, health monitoring and restricted area management, which can greatly enhance the efficiency and safety of employees.
  1. Smart Electronic Lock
  • The smart electronic lock provides functions such as GPS location tracking, alarm for opening of closed-end area, cloud remote management and remote unlocking. With the use of smart electronic locks, many delays caused by human factors can be avoided, saving time and speeding up the progress of the project
  1. Push-to-talk
    • A dedicated intercom system can be set up to break the distance barrier through a mobile communication network, while one-to-one or one-to-many intercom functions can be arranged. In addition, multi-media information, image and video uploads are supported, as well as organizational management to keep personnel in close contact and make their work more efficient.