China Mobile Hong Kong is the first to introduce 5G Network to Hong Kong International Airport

Marking Another Milestone For Hong Kong's Smart City Development


(Hong Kong - 27 Apr, 2021) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) announces the pioneering introduction of the 5G Network to Hong Kong International Airport, making it the first local operator to offer 5G service at the international transportation hub. This appointment further affirms CMHK's 5G network strengthen, which will allow visitors at the airport to enjoy an extraordinary 5G experience. 


Enjoy 5G at HKIA with a download speed of up to 500 Mbps

CMHK's 5G Network at HKIA fully covers the check-in hall, baggage reclaim area, as well as arrival halls A and B. CMHK's 5G customers will be the first to enjoy the ultra-high speed transmission and low latency 5G network at the airport, offering an opportunity to be one step ahead of others.

According to the latest 5G speed test completed at HKIA, CMHK's 5G network has recorded 500Mbps and 104Mbps for download and upload speeds respectively at the departure hall on level 7 of Terminal 1, and 446Mbps download speed and 80.8Mbps upload speed at the arrival hall on level 5 of Terminal 1. The results underline CMHK's unquestionable 5G strength, as one of the local mobile network operators with the most extensive 5G spectrum in Hong Kong.


1The departure hall on level 7 of Terminal 1, HKIA



1The arrival hall on level 5 of Terminal 1, HKIA


5G and AI are among the hottest technologies of today and the key foundations of China's “New Infrastructure” initiative. Empowered by 5G network, the efficiency and capability of AI applications are largely enhanced, allowing more industries to adopt AI in versatile and creative forms, as well as bringing users more interactive, intelligent, enjoyable experiences. On the other hand, AI optimizes edge cloud computing infrastructure, guaranteeing a high performance of 5G network. The intersection of the two has enormous potential to deliver significant improvements across business sectors and broader society.


5G Network enhance travelers experience and assist the development of smart airport

Mr Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of CMHK said, “Hong Kong International Airport is a global transportation hub and the entrance for tourists visiting from all parts of the world. By being the pioneer to introduce the 5G network to Hong Kong International Airport, CMHK is dedicated to providing visitors with a superlative network experience. We are ecstatic to join hands with HKIA in creating a world-class 5G smart airport that sets a model for all others to follow.”


1The test was conducted on April 21, 2021