CMHK announces its customer base has exceeded 5 million
Shares a new future with customers through superior 5G services

Hong Kong - 25 June, 2021– China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (CMHK) has been serving the citizens of Hong Kong for 24 years, since 1997’s formal Return of responsibility for the territory to China. From 2G to 5G, CMHK's "Lion Rock Spirit" has inspired continuing innovation as the company has achieved continuous growth in its customer scale. The number of users officially exceeded 5 million* in June 2021, creating another major milestone in the company's development history. To celebrate these new milestones, CMHK held a special "Embracing Our Future" Kick-off Ceremony & Concert today, at which it officially announced the positive news that the number of customers exceeded 5 million, as well as introducing a series of latest plans to give back to its valued customers.


The kick-off ceremony and concert were supported by many guests, including: Mr. Yin Zonghua, Deputy Director, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong (4th from the left), Mr Edward Yau Tang-wah, GBS, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of HKSAR (4th from the right), Mr Zhang Xia-ling, Vice-chairman & President of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (2nd from the left), Dr. Li Feng, Chairman of CMHK (3rd from the left) and Mr. Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK (3rd from the right). The group of officiating guests hosted an official kick-off ceremony at the event, opening a new chapter in the future of CMHK.

"I am happy that the number of CMHK customers has exceeded 5 million. Not only does this news demonstrate the general public’s support and love for CMHK throughout the years, but also marks an important milestone for the company. Thanks to the support of our customers and partners, we keep improving and moving forward. To provide customers with high-quality network and enterprise solutions, we continue to lead with advanced technology and in striving for excellence. In addition, we cooperate with the HKSAR government to promote smart city construction, and have actively created new opportunities for Hong Kong industry in the areas of smart industry platforms, applications and big data, jointly promoting the development of Hong Kong's smart city, and working together to open a new future for pursuing the next great achievement," said Mr Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK.

Expressing gratitude for 5 million+ users and sharing a bright new future

"Taking Roots in Hong Kong, Serving the Society" has been CMHK's long-standing belief. Through continuous optimization of its products and service plans, CMHK aims to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. In order to thank Hong Kong citizens for their support of CMHK, a series of all-round service plans and discounts will be launched to give back to customers, as well as to society as a whole.

Excellent choice for customers - New 5G Service Plan

In order to fully meet the practical needs of different customers, CMHK launches a new $248 5G service plan, which includes 50GB of 5G local data, so customers can enjoy the high-speed experience and exciting entertainment brought to life by the 5G network. In addition, CMHK provides a series of diversified 5G service plans, including 10/30/100/200 and 300GB of data usage for customers to choose from, covering different groups of customers regardless of low, medium or high data usage, and promoting a new era of 5G for the benefit of every demographic.

In order to encourage more customers to experience the CMHK 5G network, MNP customers who subscribe to the $248 5G service plan and sign up for 30 months can enjoy multiple high-value offers, including a Waiver for 6-months Monthly Fee, Free Local Data (Up to 50Mbps), over $2000 5G Handset Rewards / Free 12-month 1000M Home Broadband Service (either one), and Exclusive Network Priority for Privilege Club, etc.

In addition, CMHK UGAME is officially launching on the iOS platform. It allows iOS users to play nearly 100 popular 5G cloud games in high definition and with a smooth frame rate through the 5G network, and enjoy a brand-new 5G entertainment experience.

Everyone is able to enjoy this wealth of great offers

All customers can enjoy 5G terminal upgrade discounts. Customers can trade in their no-longer-used mobile phone to upgrade to a 5G mobile phone whilst enjoying up to 35% off discounts, and can also get a free 5G experience card. Designated customers also can enjoy an additional $1 discount for 3GB of 5G data with the instant trade-in service.

CMHK is also launching a new user referral program. Existing customers who successfully refer relatives and friends to register for a designated 5G service plan for 24 months will see benefits for both the referrer and the new customer who can also enjoy rewards. Referrers can receive a monthly fee rebate of $500 whilst the new customer can enjoy a Waiver for 1-month monthly fee (up to a maximum of 10 referral quota). The greater the number of referrals, the more rewards for both members.

In order to give even more back to customers, as well as to allow more customers to try the 5G data service, designated CMHK monthly service plan customers and existing customers of stored-value cards can log in to MyLink to get up to 50GB of 5G local data for free. The older the subscription, the greater the level of reward.

CMHK Home Smart Home and Fiber Broadband

Committed to using 5G technology to promote a smart home life and improve the quality of a healthy life, CMHK set about taking care of the needs of household customers as it officially launched a new home brand “CMHK Home” in April this year. For example, the Air Pro Smart Home Solution detects indoor temperature and humidity to remotely control home appliances, and is equipped with a radar UVC sterilizing air purifier, making the air cleaner at home and life generally more comfortable.

A reliable and stable network is a prerequisite for the Smart Home. CMHK has been developing its own home broadband network since 2019. Coverage has exceeded 1.13 million households accumulatively, allowing customers to enjoy the extremely fast Fiber-to-the-Home experience.

Hand-in-hand with corporate customers, motivating transformation into a digitalized era

As a leading local mobile network operator with the most extensive 5G spectrum in Hong Kong, CMHK believes that 5G technology is an important cornerstone for building smart cities and promoting the digital transformation of various industries. Therefore, CMHK has invested significant resources into constructing and perfecting its 5G network. Relying on its high-quality and high-speed 5G advantages, it cooperates with partners from all walks of life to jointly develop 5G business scenarios, building Hong Kong’s first 5G smart bank and the first 5G smart building. What’s more, CMHK also launched the HK market-first exclusive 5G networked drone platform, 5G smart construction sites, 5G outdoor live-teaching and other 5G applications in multiple industries and scenarios. CMHK is striving to actively promote smart buildings/construction, smart hospitals and remote medical services, smart travel, and other smart city applications. CMHK integrates 5G technology into life, and leads the public on a more exciting and brand-new 5G experience journey so everyone can enjoy a "people-oriented" smart life.

Contributing to community and joining hands with all sectors to build an inclusive future

CMHK has always been committed to furthering the aim of “Responsibility Makes Perfection - Fulfilling its Responsibilities and Striving for Perfection”, and has taken up its social responsibility role to extend the spirit of caring for our customers and to the whole of society. CMHK has actively collaborated with various charitable organizations to provide telecommunications services and network support to the needy in the community; this enables them to connect with society through quality leading-edge communications technology, and to give back to the community through its business strengths.

CMHK has worked closely with partners on several CSR projects which aim to benefit the community and build a better future for Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. The projects include a collaboration with New Home Association to provide network services and support to “We Care Card” holders. CMHK will also organize 5G study tours to enhance the new generation's understanding of 5G and nurture the young generation's creative talents. Moreover, the 4th CMHK Hiking Festival will be held to raise awareness of healthy living in the community, and the company encourages users to donate MyLink points to sponsor various charities to promote the spirit of helping others.

CMHK has also taken into account the communication needs of young people by offering diversified benefits. For the convenience of young workers in the Greater Bay Area, CMHK has designed a special service plan that doubles the data usage in the Greater Bay Area. CMHK also offers the waiving of the $18 administration fee and a " 1-Card-2-Number" offer. For student customers, CMHK offers a 5G service plan as low as at half price, with popular offers and benefits for young people, thereby motivating the young generation to participate in the future of 5G, and helping to make Hong Kong more vibrant in its outlook.

CMHK cares for customers of different age groups and provides special offers to demonstrate care for the elderly, and to show a love for older members of society. In addition to offering a special monthly fee as low as $38 for seniors, CMHK also offers 5G service plans at a discount of up to 35% off, and will also soon launch a mobile phone training course for seniors.

CMHK hopes to play a leading role in the industry and the community, using its business expertise to help the underprivileged and the needy, so that they can integrate into the future development of society; and at the same time, make the community more generally aware of their needs, joining hands to build a better and more inclusive future.

New customer service hotline 12580 for easy dialling

CMHK's customer base has surpassed 5 million thanks to the long-term support of its customers. Therefore, CMHK has launched a new customer service hotline - 12580, which allows customers to contact customer service specialists by simply dialling a hotline number to experience CMHK's attentive customer service.

* “Over 5 Million Customers Served” is counted as of 16 June 2021, and represents the number of mobile number services existing under China Mobile Hong Kong (“CMHK”). ‘Customers exceed 5 million’ include postpaid, prepaid and MySim Customers.
**The above offers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions