China Mobile Hong Kong, The Designated 5G Communication Service Provider - First Debut at the ACGHK 2021
Activation of the New UTV Live Livestreaming Platform and the "China Mobile 5G E-Sports Cup 2021"

Exclusive 5G Service Plan Limited Offer from HK$99/month
Total Amount of Prizes Worth over HK$1,000,000 Including Latest Samsung 5G Series Phones

China Mobile Hong Kong booth at the ACGHK 2021

(22 July, 2021 - Hong Kong) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK), Hong Kong's first mobile network operator to launch its gaming service “UGAME”, is making another persistent effort this year of being the official 5G communications service provider and hosting the “China Mobile 5G E-Sports Cup 2021” at the ACGHK 2021. To celebrate this special occasion, CMHK will also launch its new livestreaming platform, UTV Live, on the first day of ACGHK 2021. There will be a series of on-site gaming challenges which allow gamers to experience the ultimate speedy 5G network brought by CMHK.

ACGHK 2021 will take place from 23rd to 26th July, 2021. An array of popular 5G mobile games such as Life After, Arena of Valor, UGAME-Smoots Summer Games, WRC 8 and OVERPASS™ and UGAME gift bags valued over HK$300 will be available for gaming and anime fans at CMHK Booth (Hall 1 – D33). Despite the 5G gaming experience, a total value worth over HK$1,000,0001,prizes, including the Samsung Galaxy latest series 5G phone1, 4,000 free 5G experience cards, MyLink points, UGAME gift bags and game controllers will be given out to the participants. Gaming and anime fans will also get a chance to meet and interact with popular UTV Live hosts.

Incredible Gaming Experience with CMHK's Ultra-fast 5G Network

Gamers will be able to experience the CMHK's ultra-fast 5G network at selected gaming zones of Arena of Valor and Life After. Participants who get the highest score among 4-day events during the Arena of Valor gaming competition, will win a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB1. Winners of each session will also get 5,000 MyLink points1, while other participants will receive 1,500 MyLink points1. Winners of the Life After gaming competition will awarded with limited prizes1.

Launch of China Mobile 5G's E-sports Cup 2021

The first "China Mobile 5G E-Sports Cup 2021" will be held at ACGHK 2021; 16 teams will compete for the championship during the four-day event. The competition finale will take place on the fourth day; and the winning team will receive a HK$2,000 cash prize and a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (256GB) mobile phone.


CMHK UGAME: Enjoy Close to One Hundred Popular Cloud Games Anytime, Anywhere

CMHK is the first Hong Kong mobile network operator to offer a cloud-based gaming platform, UGAME,that users can access through their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. UGAME collaborates with popular games such as Control, Dead Cells and other AAA class games to ensure an extraordinary experience for game lovers. CMHK will host the "UGAME Racing Contest" and "UGAME Trail Race Contest" at ACGHK 2021. The four-day event will allow gamers to explore UGAME's innovative cloud-based e-sports games and to receive a UGAME gift bag1; while for winners, they will receive a Samsung Galaxy latest series 5G phone1.




CMHK's Unveils the UTV Live Live-Streaming Platform

Introduced in 2012, UTV is a popular cross-network cross-platform mobile TV service which allows users to enjoy a diverse range of TV programs on smartphones, tablets, and TVs at anytime, anywhere. This year, CMHK is introducing the revolutionary UTV Live live-streaming platform covering an even wider spectrum of live entertainment. A number of well-known hosts have already joined the 24-hour live vlogging stream where users can interact with favorite hosts through gift support during PK battle and the real-time chatroom feature. UTV Live is going to become Hong Kong's leading video sharing and live-streaming platform for younger generations.

Well-known hosts including Hong Kong Open TV host, Elke Chan, "Promise Finance" advertising endorser, Gillian Ng, Top 20 Finalist on ViuTV's Good Night Show - King Maker, Tik Tang, ViuTV host, Toto Tong, Second Runner-up of Miss Asia Pacific International Pageant 2018, Catherine Frond, Model Victoria Tam, and Tarotist Hannah Chan, will all join the UTV Live launch event on the first day of ACGHK 2021, July 23 2021 at 12:15pm. Other popular hosts and KOLs will visit the CMHK booth to interact with all gaming and anime fans, to give out gifts or even have an e-sports battle on stage.


Surprise Visit of Cosplayers from Famous Japanese Animation Jujutsu Kaisen

To celebrate the launch of CMHK's new streaming platform, UTV will be the home of the Cantonese dubbed version of the Japanese HMVOD hit anime series, Jujutsu Kaisen. There will be a fan meeting with cosplayers representing the four main characters — Yūji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, Satoru Gojo at the CMHK booth. Visitors will receive exquisite postcards by simply downloading the UTV App.

CMHK 5G Partnered with Samsung for an Incredible Gaming Experience

CMHK partners with Samsung to bring all visitors an incredible mobile gaming experience through advanced electronic devices complemented with CMHK's speedy 5G network. Customers who sign up for CMHK 5G service plans and purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21 series mobile phone will receive a discount of HK$1,7002 and special gifts which worth over HK$1,2001.

Exclusive 5G Service Plan From HK$993/month With Free E-sports Game Controller1

At ACGHK 2021, gamers will have the opportunity to experience CMHK's ultra-fast 5G network and enjoy ACGHK-exclusive limited-time offer. New customers who port-in their existing mobile number to 5G service plan3 will enjoy a monthly fee starting from HK$99/30GB and a complimentary game controller1. New CMHK broadband customers will also be able to enjoy 1000M home broadband service4 with a monthly fee of HK$78, while subscribing 5G Ultra Wireless Broadband can enjoy 10-month basic monthly fee waiver5, and enjoy designated selections of smart home appliances6. In addition, CMHK clients who apply for Google Play mobile telecommunications bill payment service on site, will be offered a 10% MyLink points rebate for consumptions over their first half-year7.

CMHK Stage show schedule:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The number of gifts is limited, while stocks last. Subject to terms and conditions.
  2. The promotions and data plans are only applicable to new customers, or mobile number transfer customers who have subscribed to the student 5G service plan of 50GB or more, with at least 24 months signed at ACGHK2021. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series mobile phone can be bought with the plan, customers will be able to enjoy a $1700 mobile discount. Customers must successfully activate the service plan and purchase the designated Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones at the store before August 31st, 2021, to enjoy the above offers. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other mobile phone offers. This offer cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded, cannot be redeemed for other products, or renewed in any form, and cannot be transferred resold. Each Hong Kong ID card or passport can only be used to register for this offer at most once. Subject to terms and conditions.
  3. Only applicable to customers who have subscribed to the designated student 5G service plan (30GB) with a contract of at least 24 months. Mobile number transfer customers can be exempted from the $18 monthly charge for MTR, tunnel, mobile service licenses, and administration fees during the contract period. The basic service monthly fee for the above service plan is $338. The above discount is only applicable to customers who register in person, they must also be at the age of 18-24, or students with a valid student certificate issued by a Hong Kong institution. Applicants must register in person and present valid student certifications and/or identification documents.
  4. Only applicable new customers who have selected the home broadband services at designated residential addresses, they must sign a contract for 36 months. This offer is only applicable to designated residential addresses within the broadband network coverage. The addresses applicable to this offer are subject to a record of systems and network coverage.
  5. The "10 months basic monthly fee waiver" is the average amount calculated by dividing the basic monthly fee ($438), then deducting the final discounted monthly fee ($238) for a limited-time discount of $20 ($238). (Which is [($438x24)]/$438). The service is only applicable to customers who have signed a 24-month contract, they must agree for an automatic renewal of the contract. Customers need to prepay $1800 and a monthly service fee for 1-month. The final monthly fee is subject to the service plan contract. When the monthly data usage exceeds the 200GB local data usage included in the monthly service plan, the data service will still proceed with a maximum transmission speed of 10mbps. This service is only applicable to designated routers, and customers are not permitted to transfer to other mobile devices or communication equipment to use this service. If customers use this service in areas outside the coverage of 5G data services in Hong Kong, China Mobile Hong Kong will still provide services to customers through 4G/3G/2G networks. The network service will be affected by service location, network conditions, network coverage, software, and other factors.
  6. The special offer period for free selected smart home products at the venue is from July 23 to July 26, 2021. Only applicable to customers who successfully registered in the ACGHK 2021 venue, they must also install the designated home broadband plan within 90 days. After successfully installing it, customers will receive a text message, notifying them that the gift can be received 21 days after successful installation. Customers will need to visit the designator stores within 30 days to redeem the gift.
  7. The Google Play Direct Carrier Billing Service at ACGHK2021 event offers up to 6-months of MyLink points rebate, with a total rebate of 10%. The rebate is only applicable to customers who have never used China Mobile's bill payment service to pay for Google Play Store consumption prior to July 22, 2021. The rebate is only applicable to customers of service plans, this does not include corporate employee plans registered in the name of the individual. Customers must complete the registration at the China Mobile Hong Kong booth during the ACGHK 2021 (July 23 to July 26, 2021) to enjoy this offer. The rebate is in 6-month rebate, and will be rebated to the registered MyLink account within seven working days from the 26th of each month. The first rebate period are July 26 to August 26, 2021, the last rebate period are December 26 to January 26, 2022.