CMHK introduces FTTR All-optical Wi-Fi Solution
Leading the industry to unveil a new chapter in the smart home experience

Mr. Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK and Ms. Zhang Yang, representative of the FTTR solution provider join together to officially introduce Fiber to the Room (FTTR), bringing users an innovative technology which will empower the next generation of smart home experiences, and unlocking the power of enterprise and industry.

Hong Kong - 28 September, 2021 – China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (CMHK) is committed to being the city’s preferred digital partner for customers, and continues to innovate new technologies which make the Smart City a realization. CMHK today made an industry-leading move by being the first service provider to introduce Fiber to the Room (FTTR), a next-generation smart networking technology, in Hong Kong. Leveraging the immense speed, reliability and expansive coverage provided by FTTR, CMHK is simultaneously launching its All-optical Wi-Fi Solution to achieve gigabit full-fiber home networking which routes fiber connections to the entire house. FTTR technology provides a bedrock for enhanced digitalization, immediate and flexible networking, and better intelligentization, connecting families and industries alike, and proactively bringing CMHK's 5 million+ users along on a journey to unlocking the Smart City.


To celebrate the opening of this new chapter as well as a significant milestone in CMHK's own success story, the “CMHK FTTR All-optical Wi-Fi Solution Kick-off Ceremony” was held today. The ceremony was led by Mr. Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK, Mr. Steven Shi, Marketing Executive Director of CMHK and Ms. Zhang Yang, representative of the FTTR solution provider.


FTTR All-optical Wi-Fi Solution: bringing 5 million+ users an entirely new internet experience

CMHK continues to collaborate with a broad spectrum of leading sectoral innovators to engage in strategic cooperation, with the aim of unlocking the full potential of 5G. CMHK recently partnered with BExcellent Group to establish "Sync-Class Pro," a digital learning norm leveraging technology to create a smart learning environment, and partnered SenseTime to exploit the capabilities of "5G+AI" to provide customers with more innovative 5G services, paving the way into a new era of connectivity and smart living. CMHK also collaborated with Zhen Hua Engineering Co. Ltd., developing "Smart Construction Site" solutions to revolutionize Hong Kong's construction industry. These efforts in furthering the smart city philosophy have enabled CMHK to become the future-oriented communications technology provider of choice for operators in every sector, as well as swelling its user numbers to more than 5 million* people (achieved in June 2021).

CMHK's new generation of smart networking FTTR technology is supported by the launch of the All-optical Wi-Fi Solution, directly extending optical fiber connections to every corner of the house. The technology leverages Wi-Fi 6 creating unparalleled high-speed networks for every home. Working together, interconnectivity at more than 1000Mbps is achieved with coverage that spans every centimeter of the home. The All-optical Wi-Fi Solution provides ultimate connection stability coupled with intelligent network management through an easily configurable app. The innovation even uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify network issues and perform remote automatic repair.

“CMHK has been working on developing its proprietary home broadband network since 2019, and coverage now exceeds 1 million households. The All-optical Wi-Fi Solution empowered by the latest FTTR will further enhance the user experience,” explains Mr. Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK. "We have achieved 5 million+ users in June, and with the launch of the new All-optical Wi-Fi Solution today serving as proof of our brand's spirit of excellence, we continue bringing new technology to our customers in repaying them for their support.”


FTTR is re-energizing industry and empowering households: the Smart City has arrived

Faster, more stable, more robust network operability brought by the new FTTR All-optical Wi-Fi Solution benefits everyone. The seamless broadband experience brings the full beauty and vibrancy of 4k and 8K content, enables efficient connectivity between cloud and desktop, and provides unprecedented automation for network intelligence that takes care of itself. Secure, stable, quick and glassy-smooth, every desktop and device experience is re-energized to deliver to its fullest potential; the technology also forms the digital backbone for the next generation of digital transformation.

Mr. Waynffly Zhong, Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK continued, "In this ever-changing world, we are responding to the needs of customers when it comes to providing the connectivity speed and network bandwidth that opens up a world of possibilities in entertainment, education, work, and exploring the unbridled scope for exploration the smart home offers. Together with our customers, we are discovering the true power of digitalized, better-connected and more intelligently supported daily lives."

* "Over 5 Million Customers Served" is counted as of 16 June 2021, and represents the number of mobile number services existing under China Mobile Hong Kong (“CMHK”). ‘Customers exceed 5 million' include postpaid, prepaid and MySim Customers.