China Mobile Hong Kong and Hong Kong Weidong Cloud Education Group Sign Memorandum of Understanding
Join forces to develop innovative education technology for future generations

Chairman of China Mobile Hong Kong, Dr. Li Feng, and Chairman of Hong Kong Weidong Cloud Education Group, Mr. Wang Duanrui, signing the MoU

(Hong Kong – 22 November 2021) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and Hong Kong Weidong Cloud Education Group (Weidong) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly explore new frontiers in education technology. Combining the distinct strengths of both parties, the MoU represents an agreement for collaboration in the fields of digital education, event hosting, platform research and development, examination and certification, VR technology and campus applications, expanding education technology and contributing to a better education and learning environment for teachers and students in Hong Kong.

Weidong is a China-based international corporate founded in 2012. Committed to develop education ecosystems that benefit people across borders, Weidong is a pioneer in the digital transformation of the education and training industries. It has independently developed a digital talent development platform that deepens the aspects of artificial intelligence, domestic science, and emergency, providing relevant talent training services for governments, enterprises, colleges and institutions in 25 countries and regions around the world.

Dr Li Feng, Chairman of China Mobile Hong Kong said: "China Mobile Hong Kong has always been a leader to advocate of smart city development. With our market-leading 5G technology and application knowledge, we have a responsibility to promote emerging digital technologies to contribute to the science and innovation education of Hong Kong. In recent years, relying on our advanced digital technique and ecosystem, we have not only provided local schools with customized 5G smart campus services and online education applications, but have also launched innovation and technology competitions to encourage the development of local innovators. I look forward to the partnership between China Mobile Hong Kong and Hong Kong Weidong Cloud Education Group, to better utilize our strength and resources on education materials, event hosting, platform collaboration as well as campus applications. Through the collaboration of two parties, we can create better resources and learning experience for Hong Kong educational environment, promote the development of Hong Kong's digital and innovative economy, and become the most preferred digital education and lifestyle partner for Hong Kong people."

Wang Duanrui, Chairman of Hong Kong Weidong Cloud Education Group, said: "Weidong is a China-based international corporate, providing digital talents training and related service in the areas of domestic science, emergency, artificial intelligence and transportation. Facing to the international market, Weidong is proud to deploy the smart classrooms in many Asian and African countries including the Ivory Coast, Egypt, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Looking forward to our base cooperation with UNESCO, the training resources in Europe, together with China Mobile Hong Kong, I believe we can join hands to move towards to more Asian and African countries. With the accumulation of educational information on digital products, solutions and experience as well as the 5G teleology of China Mobile Hong Kong, we will be able to utilize and deploy 5G smart education into implementation for a better future in Hong Kong's educational market."