China Mobile Hong Kong Holds OneNET Workshop for Hong Kong Students
Collaborated with local education providers to promote innovative technology-based education for the next generation


(Hong Kong – 29 December 2021) China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has long been committed to promoting the development of 5G technology and actively integrating 5G into all walks of life. To further the development of Hong Kong's smart city initiative, of which 5G is an essential part, CMHK also understands the importance of cultivating a new generation of talent in innovation and technology. To this end, CMHK recently collaborated with the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers and SenseTime to organize first-ever "Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G Innovation Technology Workshop". Taking place in December 2021, the workshop invited students to learn more about AI and the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) through a series of technical courses. This workshop aims to harness students’ creativity in exploring the possibilities offered by AI and IoT, sowing the seeds of scientific research and discovery for the next generation.

Introducing OneNET IoT Platform to local secondary schools to cultivate the next generation of innovation and technology
The three-day event which was held at Hong Kong Science Park, saw 42 secondary school students selected to participate in a series of 5G workshops. Students also had the chance to visit the CMHK 5G Interactive Technology Exhibition, where they learned about the 5G achievements of China Mobile Group and experienced a range of cutting-edge technology developed for 5G. This allowed students to deepen their understanding of the application of technology in daily life, as well as the future of 5G in Hong Kong. The event culminated in the China Mobile Hong Kong OneNET "Smart City Blueprint Creative Competition", which saw students form teams on the spot and collaborate on designs of smart applications based on a range of scenarios in order to explore students' talents in academic aspect, application of technology, problem solving and teamwork. This activity was designed to deepen students' understanding of innovative AI and 5G technologies, enhance creativity and logical thinking skills, and to nurture the innovation talents needed by the first 5G-native generation.

The event was powered by OneNET, China Mobile Group's first open IoT PaaS Platform. Currently the platform has been primarily used in the enterprise and government sectors, providing developers with easy device access and connection while providing comprehensive IoT solutions. For this event, CMHK introduced the OneNET platform to the education sector for the first time, allowing the academic community to better understand how the operation of the IoT and the development of OneNET technology can be harnessed to further pedagogical initiatives at both the teacher and student level.

Sync- Class Pro: An online learning platform, and a reinforcement for after-class revision
To allow participating students to further understand the future of 5G and IoT applications, CMHK introduced a new interactive learning platform, Sync-Class Pro. Students used this platform following each day’s workshops for revision and tests to consolidate the knowledge gained that day

Sync-Class Pro is an all-round online learning platform that provides comprehensive revision tools across a range of core subjects and extra-curricular activities. The platform includes diversified teaching scenarios, intelligent learning reports, and rich teaching tools that help stimulate students' interest in learning, cultivating self learning capabilities and effectively helping students consolidate what they have learned.

CMHK has long been committed to integrating 5G technology into education, using technology to make up for the shortcomings of online teaching and even traditional classrooms. With gamified learning and assistive teaching tools, CMHK provides students with an online learning platform that has the potential to lead to high-quality outcomes, while promoting the smart learning city development of Hong Kong and the entire Greater Bay Area.