Resolute implementation the key directives from President Xi Jinping
In full support of prevention and control of coronavirus disease

Recently, President Xi Jinping gave out key directives on supporting Hong Kong to fight against the fifth wave of the COVID-19 infections, stipulating that the Hong Kong SAR Government has to put it her first and foremost task to keep the outbreak under control. As such, the Hong Kong SAR Government was thereby authorized to take all necessary measures to safeguard the safety and health of Hong Kong residents, thus ensuring social stability within the region. As the fifth wave of the COVID-19 infections continues to escalate, President Xi's key directives are top-level order from the central government to mobilize Hong Kong to fight against the coronavirus, demonstrating great care for the city of Hong Kong and its residents.

To ensure the safety and health of all Hong Kong residents as well as its social stability, it is undoubtedly the essential step for Hong Kong to tackle the challenges brought about by the coronavirus. China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) resolutely implements the motif of President Xi’s key directives and remains resolute in ensuring the seamless communication of pandemic-related information to its customers, who are always at the heart of CMHK's business.

CMHK is committed to give full support to the anti-epidemic endeavors of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and to weather this storm with Hong Kong residents together to ensure a bright future ahead.

Guaranteed communication
During this epidemic, CMHK has comprehensively arranged the coordination of epidemic prevention and control, network and information security, communication and information services, resources fulfillment, etc. It has provided round-the-clock support to key epidemic prevention partners including quarantine centres and compulsory testing communities. The uninterrupted network protection ensures the stability of the city’s network quality, allows full support for the safe and efficient operation of the network, and builds a reliable communications network for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

CMHK promises the smooth and stable connection of its network as it adheres to "being focused and well-prepared", staunchly fighting day and night to provide timely responses to the needs of the medical staff and those quarantined. To accurately convey clear information regarding quarantine testing, Return2hk policies and vaccine appointments, CMHK was quick to deliver over 13 million SMSs to citizens. Residents were made aware of the latest prevention measures via text messages.


Figure 1 CMHK provides 24/7 uninterrupted network protection for key epidemic prevention areas


Figure 2 CMHK provides emergency network support to Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre


Figure 3 CMHK lays feeder cables in the airport tunnel

"Heartwarming Service" Support
In light of the severe epidemic situation, CMHK offers its "Heartfelt Service". All shop staff will remain in their posts, respond in a timely manner to customer needs, and optimize service processes. To reduce the risk of the epidemic spread, all front-line employees have been vaccinated. All stores have increased anti-epidemic protection measures including strengthened disinfection and cleaning and adjusted business hours, and they are proactively contacting quarantine customers to provided epidemic prevention kits to reduce their inconvenience. CMHK serves and cares for customers through pragmatic actions, and is devoted to being a first-class service provider to the community.


Figure 4 CMHK front-line employees are maintaining their posts to serve customers

To assist the elderly to use "LeaveHomeSafe" app, CMHK participated in the "Jockey Club Digital Support Project for the Elderly" and provided more than 5,000 mobile phones of different brands and a 12-month free basic mobile service to the elderly. In-shop hone usage tutorials are arranged to assist them on learning smartphone operations and applications. Since 2022, it has served more than 40,000 seniors.


Figure 5 To assist the elderly to fight against the coronavirus

In response to the epidemic, CMHK has strengthened contactless customer services such as telephone hotlines and online mediums and expanded channels through which customers can manage their communication needs without leaving home. Customer service personnel will maintain their posts and respond to customers’ inquiries in a timely manner. Round-the-clock comprehensive telecoms services are available instantly to our customers through CMHK's official website or MyLink app, including payment and value top-ups, mobile data purchases, mobile plan applications and upgrades, as well as data usage records. MyLink app's "epidemic zone" further facilitates customers access to the latest epidemic information and vaccine booking sites.

Uniting with Hong Kong residents to combat coronavirus
Taking on the duty to ensure effective communication for people in quarantine.  In response to The Hong Kong government's mandatory COVID-19 virus testing, CMHK has deployed policies to cater to the communication needs of those at quarantine centers and designated buildings, including provision of plans with free unlimited local data connection and unlimited local voice calls, free one-month JOOX VIP music service and hmvod standard package, 5G home broadband service was upgraded to unlimited speed to avoid service interruption. These allow isolated customers to go online with peace of mind, stay entertained, keep in touch with their families constantly, and at the same time receive timely epidemic prevention information updates. Meanwhile, 5G broadband installation-free service is available for customers to work from home, attend classes online and obtain the latest information effectively using plug and play.

Learning never stops. During this period of class suspension, CMHK delivers high-quality learning resources to Hong Kong primary school students by launching the "Keep Learning" Online Courses on CMHK's education platform "Sync Class Pro".  The edu-tech site provides primary students with about 100 free on-demand videos, to deploy Hong Kong's first 5G+ national education initiative "National Flag's Promise" by leveraging the advantages of 5G.

Technology helps fight the epidemic. CMHK supports the "Day Day Robotic Warming Project" co-organized by Sham Shui Po residents' groups and Sham Shui Po Home Affairs Office. Collaborating with various partners, 5G robots and robotic dogs are deployed to deliver daily necessities to those kept isolated in Shek Kip Mei Estate, thus minimizing volunteers' workload and the risk of virus spread in the community.

In future, CMHK will firmly support the HKSAR government in driving the prevention and control of coronavirus disease, adhering to the key directives from President Xi Jinping. To help win the battle against the epidemic, CMHK will continue fulfilling its corporate responsibility by delivering a smooth communication experience with first-class service, to play our part in fighting against the fifth wave of COVID-19 infections.