China Mobile Hong Kong partners with AiTLE
to launch I.T. Lab Design Program

Introducing I.T. Lab Solutions for STEM Education at Schools in Hong Kong
Empowering the Next Generation of Innovative Talents with
Ultra-Fast 5G Network, AIoT, and VR Technologies


(Hong Kong – 22 February, 2022)With the Inno-Tech industry booming in recent years, STEM has become a major topic in education. While many schools in Hong Kong have STEM education pathways based on their development priorities, some are still in need of technical support in this area. As a driving force for 5G technology advancement, China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is committed to integrating 5G into every aspect of the city. CMHK is delighted to announce the launch of "AiTLE x CMHK I.T. Lab Design Program", joining hands with the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE) to offer free "I.T. Lab" design solutions for local primary and secondary schools, including 5G network, intelligent software and hardware supports, allowing students to explore their potentials in STEM and innovation in a superior learning environment. The program aims to elevate the quality of local education, furthering the growth of local I.T. talents and their competitiveness, and strengthening Hong Kong's status in the Inno-Tech industry in the long term.

Tailored "I.T. Lab" for schools to cultivate the future innovators in technology
The AiTLE x CMHK I.T. Lab Design Program will tailor design an "I.T. Lab" for participating schools to conduct different STEM and innovative activities. Among which, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and Innoduction Group (InnoEdu), a local education and creative company, will take the lead in supplying the designs of the "I.T. Lab", the STEM education software, professional consultancy, and more. AiTLE will provide education advice on the application of "I.T. Lab" based on different schools' needs - a tailored solution for each school to optimize their existing spaces. Meanwhile, CMHK will offer its strength in 5G AIoT and VR technologies, two major components in the smart school infrastructure. By mobilizing a wide spectrum of resources and integrating 5G technology into schools, the program targets to aid the introduction of STEM education and contribute to the cultivation of future leaders in innovation.

Innovative 5G "I.T. Lab" to booster effective learning and teaching
The AIoT technology powered by CMHK is the technical foundation of the "I.T. Lab", which is applied to the smart classroom's overall teaching and operating system. Functioning alongside CMHK’s ultra-fast 5G network, the "I.T. Lab" will provide innovative features including AI interactive teaching, electronic blackboard, live-steaming and replaying, and automatic roll calling, thereby enhancing the efficiency of STEM and innovative worships, class participation, and facilitating collaborations between classmates. The VR technology also allows STEM content, such as chemistry and physics experiments, to be presented in a VR format, where students can immerse into a creative learning environment without the limitations of space, materials, or tools, and unleash their potential in STEM to the fullest.

Accepting applications from today
The AiTLE x CMHK I.T. Lab Design Program is now accepting applications from all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, and is expected to provide "I.T. Lab" or smart school solutions for 20 applicants. In addition to the design solution, the STEM and innovation software, as well as the hardware and technical support related to the smart infrastructure, the program will also assist schools in applying for the government’s Quality Education Fund and subsidies to cover other expenses for the project. Selected schools may be invited to showcase their designs and applications of the I.T Lab in June.

To registrate for the AiTLE x CMHK I.T. Lab Design Program, please click here