China Mobile Hong Kong Supports Urgent 5G Network Construction for Quarantine Facilities

(Hong Kong, 24 February, 2022) Hong Kong's fight against the fifth wave of the epidemic is at a critical juncture. China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has partnered with China State Construction International Group to mobilize all forces to build quarantine treatment facilities and 5G base stations at Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Pier to safeguard Hong Kong. CMHK steadfastly helps the central government implement its action plan for Hong Kong and its residents, supporting the city as it tides over these difficulties as soon as possible.


CMHK and China State Construction International Group discuss construction plans

The facilities constructed for the two isolation communities are built for permanent use. In order to ensure smooth network access, CMHK quickly activated key maintenance and security mechanisms. It established a security team with China State Construction International Corporation to collaborate quickly in preparation for the base station construction. At present, CMHK has officially started the preliminary construction work.

Out west, Penny's Bay is in a remote area with poor network coverage. Mr. Johnson Zhang, Deputy Director of the Network Development Department of CMHK said, "There is a lack of transmission and electricity for the establishment of basic station foundations. Coupled with heavy rains in Hong Kong, we have overcome numerous difficulties to ensure the construction will be carried out quickly and in an orderly manner. Time is tight and the tasks are heavy. We have sorted out and formulated a perfect plan and timetable for the installation of transmission and power necessary for the base stations. We must race against time to complete this task at the right quantity and quality.”


CMHK personnel at the Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Pier base station construction sites

It is reported that once the two quarantine facilities at Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Pier go into service, they are expected to provide around 9,500 isolation units. Medical staff from the Hong Kong Hospital Authority will be stationed there for work during the middle and later stages of construction.