CMHK Provides Free Communication and Priority to the 7x24 CS Hotline to the Top Epidemiologists from China

(Hong Kong, 24 February, 2022) In order to support Hong Kong in its fight against the epidemic, a team of mainland China's top epidemiologists has arrived. China Mobile has taken the initiative and made every effort to deliver smooth communications and world-class service. Anti-epidemic task forces will have their cross-border roaming charges waived and have priority access to the 7x24 customer service hotline. China Mobile has prepared SIM cards, 5G CPE routers and other products in advance for free for the non-mobile users, in order to fully cater to the team’s communication needs and remove any network-related stress.


To provide better support to the mainland's anti-epidemic task force in Hong Kong, China Mobile has set up a special team and established a cross-border security response mechanism in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Going forward, China Mobile will continue to support and assist in Hong Kong's epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic efforts.