China Mobile Hong Kong and LAWSGROUP Announce Strategic Partnership
Introducing 5G smart iSolutions into LAWSGROUP's property projects

Unveiling the first large-scale project – KTR 350


China Mobile Hong Kong and LAWSGROUP announced a strategic partnership to
introduce 5G smart iSolutions into LAWSGROUP’s property projects.
(From the left: Mr. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of CMHK;
Dr. Max Ma, Director and Executive Vice President of CMHK; Mr. Rico Lau, IT Director of LAWSGROUP;
Mr. Bosco Law, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LAWSGROUP)

(Hong Kong – 22 Jun, 2022) As a pioneer in 5G smart city development, China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has been committed to the integration of 5G technology across industries with its unparelled 5G network and technology resources, thereby accelerating industrial transformations and the building of a digitalized society. CMHK and LAWSGROUP today held a signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding, announcing a strategic partnership to introduce comprehensive 5G smart solutions and infrastructures into LAWSGROUP's property projects. Enabled by CMHK's smart enterprise iSolutions service, the first large-scale project under the partnership is set to be KTR 350, a new commercial smart building located at 350 Kwun Tong Road. CMHK and LAWSGROUP will join hands in transforming the former industrial building into a new landmark in Kowloon East, offering an integrated experience of offices, shopping mall, event spaces and more.

Introducing 5G smart solutions into LAWSGROUP's properties to further the goal of its business digitization and sustainability development
As 5G technologies for commercial use mature, companies are investing in smart solutions to digitalize their businesses. Since 2020, CMHK and LAWSGROUP have begun collaborations in different areas of 5G applications. With strategic planning for smart buildings and malls on the roadmap, today's partnership will further leverage CMHK's enterprise smart iSolutions and introduce a wider range of 5G smart technologies into LAWSGROUP's existing and future property development projects. These advanced technologies will enhance the visitor experience, operational and environmental efficiency of LAWSGROUP's properties.

The scope of the partnership includes but is not limited to the following projects:

  • Smart infrastructure and software upgrades for the D2 Place ONE and TWO shopping malls
  • Introduce IoT smart monitoring system into Laws Commercial Plaza
  • Conduct 5G indoor network construction and smart building facilities for LAWGROUP's latest commercial building project KTR 350

First major project – 5G smart building KTR 350 to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2023
The strategic partnership marks the first large-scale collaboration of CMHK and LAWSGROUP – the upcoming 5G smart commercial building KTR 350 located at Kwun Tong. The 29-storey building, with a gross floor area of 200,000 sq ft., is set to be LAWSGROUP's flagship technology property project, with three main emphases on technology, green space, and architectural geometry. With CMHK's enterprise smart iSolutions, the project will transform 350 Kwun Tong Road, formerly an industrial building, into a new landmark of Kowloon East, and is expected to open in the 4th quarter of 2023.

CMHK's iSolutions applications in KTR 350 include:

  • 5G network infrastructure for KTR 350's entire indoor space, providing an ultrafast and low latency network experience for visitors and tenants, as well as a highly efficient and productive office environment.
  • Smart parking system with detectors connected via the low-powered 5G NB-iot network, enabling automatic license plate recognition, parking status monitoring, and navigation features. Visitors can also check available parking spaces with the HKeMobility app, thereby reducing parking time and carbon emissions.
  • Smart restrooms for KTR 350's mall area, which can real-time monitor the air quality, usage rate, and supply consumption of each restroom, enhancing manpower efficiency and hygiene of the environment.

CMHK iSolutions enterprise smart solutions service, providing comprehensive support for cross industry smart technology integrations
As demand for smart solutions continues to rise, CMHK's newly launched iSolutions is designed to provide enterprises with one-stop 5G technology and smart solutions services. Integrated with an array of ICT and IoT technologies, as well as with CMHK's 5G network across the GBA, iSolutions aids companies from SMEs to cross-border corporations to carry out smart upgrades of their business, based on individual needs or pain points of their related industry.

iSolutions are applicable to six major industry sectors, including finance, property, logistics and utilities, IT, education and health, business and professional service, as well as smart city. Application examples include:


  • Our 5G network provides architectural design and management of leased lines, multi-cloud, private cloud, and cloud connections; aiding financial enterprise digitalization with secured network, data, and operation services via 5G slicing technology and CMHK S2OC security service.


  • Introducing 5G smart mobile technology to optimize property management via CMHK’s iSolutions smart property solutions, such as smart buildings, smart parking lots, smart restrooms, and 5G robots, enhancing foot traffic and business opportunities with uplifted service experience and efficiency, thereby adding value to the property.

Logistics and utility

  • CMHK's iSolutions leverages technology to aid the local logistics industry expansion during a time of rapid development, with leading smart fleet and vehicle-road coordination systems, enabling companies to seize new business opportunities with enhanced management, as well as cost and operational efficiency.

IT, education and health

  • Telemedicine services such as remote consultation, emergency rescue, AI-assisted diagnosis, and surgical teaching are now widely practiced. CMHK has launched the "Dr. HK" app, which mobilizes a medical network of multiple local clinics to provide online doctor consultation services, helping to improve hospital operational efficiency and enabling quality medical services for patients.

    In response to the government's education policy, CMHK is an active promoter in smart campus development to foster the next generation of innovative talents, and has launched multiple initiatives including 5G smart campus programs, 5G in-class live streaming solutions, 5G STEM curriculum, 5G AI learning platform Edubile, while offering VR experiences which enables a new learning experience free from the limitation of space and tools.

Business and professional services

  • Provision of technical testing, data reconciliation and analysis services for companies ranging from the retail industry to professional services such as legal and accounting. Examples include using AI and big data to help retail brands improve customers' shopping experiences, and provide insights into consumer habits, for better marketing, business strategies and returns.

Smart city

  • Leveraging CMHK's unparalleled 5G network infrastructure, together with technologies including the IoT, big data and AI, to aid Hong Kong's smart city development and lift management efficiency of government and public services, bringing a better quality of life and convenience to citizens through the building of a smart city.

Dr. Max Ma, Director and Executive Vice President of CMHK said, "CMHK is delighted to announce the strategic partnership with LAWSGROUP, through both parties’ expertise in 5G technology and property development, with hardware and software integration, to develop property projects that offer innovative and convenient visitor experience to the public. As one of the pioneers in revitalizing Hong Kong's industrial buildings into modern landmarks, LAWSGROUP has been a forward-looking and active promoter of innovation in property development. With CMHK’s industry-leading 5G network and resourceful technology enabled by iSolutions, we are confident that CMHK will be a reliable partner of LAWSGROUP on their journey of smart business upgrade, and work together bringing forward smart commercial buildings and shopping malls that set examples for Hong Kong's smart city development!"

Mr. Rico Lau, IT Director of LAWSGROUP said, "We are pleased to foster a higher level of cooperation with CMHK, to integrate 5G smart solutions and infrastructures into our property projects. With a vision to create a new landmark in Kowloon East, we have started the preparatory work for KTR  350 since the launch of the HKSAR Government’s Energizing Kowloon East initiative. One of the main purposes of adopting 5G smart solutions is to reduce carbon emissions and enhance our overall environmental performance via the application of technology. LAWSGROUP places great emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development. This year we have rolled out the "1.5°Campaign", which encourages the limiting of global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C via multiple measures. We will work with CMHK to further expand 5G smart solutions to our overseas manufacturing plants, to realize smart manufacturing and enhance the industry’s environmental performance."

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photo1 The strategic partnership of CMHK and LAWSGROUP marks the first large-scale project – the new 5G smart commercial building KTR 350. With CMHK's enterprise smart iSolutions, the collaboration will transform 350 Kwun Tong Road, formerly an industrial building, into a new landmark of Kowloon East.