Handset Reservation Terms and Conditions

Attention: You can only purchase handset if you subscribe service plan at the same time.

Reserve Handset Terms & Conditions:

  1. The pre-ordered handset delivery date is subject to the supply of manufacturer.
  2. Customer may apply for refund of deposit if CMHK is unable to provide a stock ready notification to customer 21 days after reservation by the customer. Other than return of deposit, CMHK shall not have any other liabilities.
  3. Customer shall pick up the pre-ordered handset at selected outlet within 2 days upon receipt of the stock ready notification. Upon expiry of such 30 days period, the pre-ordered handset will not be reserved. The deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances upon the issuance of stock ready notification by CMHK.
  4. Receipt should be returned upon pick up of pre-ordered handset if the deposit is paid via outlets.
  5. CMHK reserves the right of final determination on the price and offers of the stock.


*Note: Under no circumstance shall our staff ask customer to depositing via any banks.