Country Parks Coverage

Get away from the restless city life, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere of country parks. CMHK understands the importance of being connected, and has extended its coverage to include most country parks around Hong Kong. From now on, CMHK will put you in touch while trail walking, barbequing, picnicking or just relaxing in the countryside.

1 - Shing Mun    2 - Kam Shan    3 - Lion Rock    4 - Aberdeen    5 - Tai Tam    6 - Sai Kung East    7 - Sai Kung West

8 - Plover Cove    9 - Lantau South    10 - Lantau North    11 - Pat Sin Leng    12 Tai Lam    13 - Tai Mo Shan    14 - Lam Tsuen

15 - Ma On Shan    16 - Kiu Tsui    17 - Plover Cove(Extension)    18 - Shek O    19 - Pok Fu Lam    20​​ - Tai Tam(Quarry Bay Extension)

21 - Clear Water Bay     22 - Sai Kung West(Wan Tsai Extension)    23 - Lung Fu Shan    24 - Lantau North(Extension)

 Good signal reception 
 Average signal reception

Emergency numbers

Emergency services 999/112
Fire Control Centre of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department 2720 0777


Please make sure your handset has been fully charged before visiting country parks.

All information above is subject to change without prior notice.

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The above information is the latest service contents by CMHK, and supersedes all information uploaded before 13/12/2018.