Education Workshop

* The workshops will be conducted in Cantonese only. For details, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Hotline at 12580.

China Mobile Hong Kong offers you free customer workshops, including elementary courses for basic functions of various handsets and advance courses of special handset functions, popular Apps and latest technology.

Workshop will be conducted in different schedule from time to time. You’re cordially invited to join any suitable workshop when appropriate.

* The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.

* Online Workshop is recently launched and ZOOM app will be used for conducting the course.

* To strengthen the preventive measures against Covid-19, all physical workshops at the Customer Centre are suspended until further notice.

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Workshop Venue

Online Workshop Online & Distance learning Course

Registration Method

  1. Please press     signing up for the courses.
  2. Please call Hotline: 12580
  3. Visit our shop or Customer Centre.


「New Course」

賬單查詢好容易(使用ZOOM以遙距模式介紹CMHK的賬單內容, 獲取途徑及不同的繳費方式)。
大朋友Android智能程式應用班 (Play商店/交通/天氣/安心出行/UTV等實用工具介紹)。