Change of Personal Information & Mobile Phone Number

Customers need to pass identity verification at the following channels in order to process any service changes

Change Items Application Channels and Processing Time Handling
"MyLink" App Customer
24-Hour Customer
Care Hotline
2945 8888
Billing Address Y Y Y Y Free If you want to change the registered address as well, you need to submit a valid address proof issued within the past 3 months.
Email Address
for Email Bill
Alert service
Y Y Y Y Free  
Contact Phone
Y Y Y Y Free  
Customer Password Y Y N Y Free Call our 24-Hour Customer Care Hotline 2945 8888:
  1. press 2 for English
  2. Press 1 to select the Mobile Phone Service
  3. enter CMHK mobile phone number
  4. press 1, 4 to change your password
(Forgot Password)
Y Y N Y Free

Personal Customer: In addition to mentioned channels, customer can also reset customer password by pressing *102*XXXXXX# (send). (XXXXXX is the first 6 numeric digits of personal identification document number. A randomly-generated customer password will be sent to customer’s handset after successful identity verification.

BR Register Customer: To reset password, please bring along the Business Registration Copy and company chop to anyone of our outlets for verification and to receive the password.

Registered Owner N N Y N


Change of registered owner upon application of switching to CMHK can have handling charges waived and be effective on the port-in date.
Mobile Phone
Y N Y Y $100 each Replacing existing mobile number with port-in mobile number can only be applied at our Customer Centre or Outlets.


Y refer to applicable application channel for the service.

The above services will be effective within 24 hrs in general except the services listed below will be effective immediately:

  • change email address for email bill alert service via CMHK website
  • change customer password via the Voice Response System of Customer Care Hotline and CMHK website
  • reset forgot password
  • change registered owner via Customer Centre

N refer to inapplicable channel for the service.

Change of Mobile Number

Customers need to pass identity verification at the following channels in order to process any service changes.

You can change your mobile phone number by selecting a new number provided by CMHK, or by bringing your own number from other operator.

Application Channels Handling Charge Processing Time
CMHK Web $100
(on the next bill)
Approximately 1 hour
24-hour Customer Care Hotline $100
(on the next bill)
Before 9pm - around 2 hours
After 9pm - next day before 12noon
Customer Centre $100
(pay upon application)
Approximately 1 hour

The handling charge and processing time listed above are for changing mobile number to one provided by CMHK ONLY. To replace your existing number with another number from other operators, please apply at our Customer Centre.