Data Top-up


Rest Assured Data Usage Protection

Avoid using extra data unknowingly

Data Top-up will replace the former self set / default data usage upper limit policy. Data service will be suspended automatically when all the data entitlement of the month is used up and resume in the next bill month, avoiding extra data being used unknowingly and ensure our customers can enjoy the data service rest assured.

For the customers with DATA+ / DATA+ Package, they can continue to enjoy unlimited data service with designated maximum access speed, truly enjoy hassle-free data service.

Flexible Extra Data Purchase

Purchase extra data whenever needed

Wish to continue enjoying the full speed data service? Purchase extra full speed data anytime, anywhere.

How to purchase extra data?

1. Simply reply the data usage alert SMS to purchase extra data

2. Via CMHK Web / MyLink


3. Press * 1 1 4 # via handset (Only applicable to designated service plan)

Anytime Anywhere

After successfully purchased extra data package, a confirmation message will be sent by the system automatically via SMS or e-mail and you can then start to enjoy your extra data.

Caring Data Usage Alert Messages

Alert messages help to monitor data usage

Alert messages will be sent through SMS or E-mail when data usage reaches 90% and 100% of the service plan entitlement respectively to alert customer, helping customers to monitor their own data usage.

Easy Data Usage Management

24 hours self service data usage enquiry

You can easily check your current data usage, at anytime and anywhere through the following methods:

Enquiry Channels Using Methods

Via MyLink
Open MyLink:
Home > Usage Enquiry

via CMHK Web
Visit CMHK Web:
Manage Account > My Account > Usage Enquiry


1. Why I am not able to purchase extra data?
Incorrect input: Please follow the instruction on the failure SMS and try to purchase extra data again. You can also call our 24 hours customer service hotline at 12580 to purchase extra data.

If you are still unable to purchase extra data after a few attempts, please call our 24 hours customer service hotline for enquiries.

2. Can the remaining extra data be carried forward to the next bill month?
Extra data purchased can only be used within the bill month that it was purchased. Remaining extra data will be forfeited by the end of that bill month and will not be carried forward to the next bill month.

Terms & Conditions of Data Top-up:

  1. When the data entitlement of designated service plan is used up, customers can purchase extra data within the bill month based on their needs to continue using the data service. Otherwise, the data service will be suspended until the next bill month. On the other hand, customers with Data+ VAS or Data+ Package can enjoy unlimited local data service with designated maximum access speed limit within the contract period after the data entitlement of the bill month is used up. Data+ will not support tethering and pee-to-peer (P2P) upload and download, including BitTorrent.
  2. Data Top-up is only applicable to designated service plans, including but not limited to 5G Service Plan, “Supreme” Service Plan, 4.5G Full Speed Local Service Plan, 4.5G Full Speed Share Service Plan and School 4.5G Full Speed Local Service Plan.
  3. Extra data fee is subject to change. CMHK will charge to the customers at the prevailing fee.
  4. The purchased extra data is only applicable to the bill month that it was purchased. Any remaining data (if applicable) cannot be carried forward.
  5. Customer can purchase the extra data even not used up the data entitlement. Once the top-up data has been purchased, the related payment will not be refunded.
  6. CMHK reserves the right to modify the above content and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  7. In case of dispute, CMHK reserves the right of final decision.