The Cellular Service on Apple Watch

You can now connect your Apple Watch to CMHK mobile network! Whatever you simply away from your iPhone, you can stay connect your life anywhere!


Free Local Connection^
(You will share the data / airtime from your mobile service plan via paired devices)


Applicable Devices

Mobile Device:
iPhone 6 or later
(with iOS12.0 or later)


Wearable Device:
Apple Watch Series 3 or later (GPS + Cellular) model
(with Watch OS 4.0 or later)
Apple Watch SE



The cellular service on Apple Watch is free of charge for CMHK customer with designated Mobile Service Plan^


Eligible Mobile Service Plan check now!
Dial *110*210# with your iPhone to check for eligible service plans.

Please call 12580 to contact our Customers Service Specialists for upgrade information.

^ The service is free until further notice.

How to activate the cellular service on Apple Watch


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Step 1: Open the “Watch” app, then go to “My Watch” and pair applicable Apple Watch as the instructions Step 2: After paired the applicable Apple Watch, tap “My Watch” again and enter “Mobile Data”, then select “Set Up Mobile Data”


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Step 3: Tap “Next" Step 4: Login with your CMHK account


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Step 5: Eligible customer read and accept “Terms and Conditions”, then tap “Next” to activate the cellular service Step 6: Wait the activation completed message, then tap “Confirm”


Step 7: Upon successful activation, your Apple Watch will be connected to the mobile network.

Terms and Conditions for the cellular service on Apple Watch

1. Acceptance of Terms
1.1 In order to enjoy the cellular service using on Apple Watch Series 3 or later (GPS + Cellular) model ("applicable Apple Watch") which provided by China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (“CMHK”), the customer shall acknowledge and agree the following terms and conditions.
2. The cellular service on Apple Watch (the "Service") 
2.1 The Service allows customer to use voice calls and data connection on the paired applicable Apple Watch using the same mobile number as customer’s designated models of iPhone in Hong Kong. 
2.2 The Service is only applicable to existing customers who have subscribed to the designated Mobile Service Plan, including but not limited to 5G Service Plan,“Supreme” Service Plan, 4.5G Full Speed Local Service Plan, 4.5G Full Speed Share Service Plan and School 4.5G Full Speed Local Service Plan (not applicable to prepaid customers). 
2.3 Designated handset model(s) or device(s) is required to support eSIM service, please click here for the designated handset model(s) or device(s) details. A designated smartphone is required for this Service. Voice calls, data connection and VoLTE must be activated when using this Service. 
2.4 Customer can use this Service on only one paired applicable Apple Watch each time. Once customer switches to use another paired applicable Apple Watch by changing the setting on the paired iPhone, the Service on previous paired applicable Apple Watch will be suspended immediately. 
2.5 An eSIM is configured to customer’s paired applicable Apple Watch after service subscription and pairing. 
2.6 The Service does not support to use outside of Hong Kong. 
2.7 Customer understands and agrees that the provision and quality of the Service are contingent upon the technology and performance of the data network. The Service may also be affected by other factors, including but not limited to the mobile device, internet firewall settings, the reliability and security of the internet connection supported by customer’s network and any applicable laws and regulations. The provision of the Service and the manner and the standard of such provision shall be subject to the final decision of CMHK. 
2.8 Usage rules established by CMHK relating to the Service may be controlled and modified by CMHK. CMHK reserves the right to enforce such usage rules without prior notice. 
2.9 Any actions on jailbroken or rooted devices are to be undertaken at the customer’s own risk.
2.10 Mobile data usage / airtime generated when using the Service on the applicable Apple Watch will be deducted from Mobile Service Plan or charged at the applicable thereafter fee.
2.11 (If applicable) If customers using designated call management services (e.g. call forward) or other designated service before subscription to a cellular service on applicable Apple Watch, customers shall apply the setting personally in order to use the related services on applicable Apple Watch.
2.12 Customer agrees to use the Service for personal and non-commercial use only. 
2.13 Customer understands applicable Apple Watch is not able to use the designated VAS or designated Call Management Services or Supplementary Services.
3. Service Charges 
3.1 The Service is free of charge.
3.2 CMHK reserves the right to update and charge the standard monthly fee prevailing at the time to the customers.
3.3 No refund or exchange can be made once the service fees are charged by CMHK and paid by customers.
3.4 This agreement shall be terminated forthwith without compensation or liability on CMHK’s part upon the termination of the General Contract and/or the Mobile Service Plan, regardless the reason of the termination. The obligations of customer shall, however, survive the said termination.
4. Miscellaneous
4.1 This terms and conditions is an inseparable and integral part of the General Contract.
4.2 Customer has read, understand and agree to the provisions in the General Personal Information Collection Statement (Please click here) and the Privacy Policy Statement (Please click here).
4.3 CMHK reserves the right to vary or amend any of the terms and conditions herein contained. In case of any inconsistency and ambiguity between the Chinese and English versions of this terms and conditions, the latter shall always prevail.