Multi-SIM Sharing Service

  • A single service plan can apply up to 3 supplementary SIM cards
  • Perfect for sharing local data usage with family members, or your other mobile devices such as tablet & pocket Wi-Fi
  • Monthly fee only $40 up/card

Sharing Local Data Usage on Different Devices

Designated Service Plan customers can now apply up to 3 supplementary SIM cards and deduct local data usage from the main SIM card.

Convenient. Easy on Your Pocket

With multiple SIM cards, there is no need to subscribe different service plans for each device or switch SIM card from device to device. The monthly fee for each supplementary SIM card is only $40.

Perfect for Sharing with Family and Friends

We also offer supplementary SIM card + 2000min at $80/card/month, allowing you to share local data with friends and family members.  The 2000min local airtime can also be shared among main SIM card and supplementary SIM cards, giving you added flexibility.

Service Multi-SIM
Supplementary Local Data SIM Card

Supplementary Local Data & Voice SIM Card + 2000 min Local Airtime

Monthly Fee $40 $80
Local Data Usage
(Applicable to China & HK usage)
Local Data Usage of the supplementary SIM card will be deducted from the main card
(Data Roaming service for Supplementary SIM is not available)
  • Multi-SIM service is only applicable for designated service plans. For details, please visit here.
  • Data Roaming service for Supplementary SIM is not available.
  • Customers can currently apply up to 3 supplementary SIM cards while CMHK reserves the rights to change the service fee for each supplementary SIM & the maximum number of supplementary SIM; the changes will be announced from time to time on CMHK website.
  • Supplementary SIM card’s user needs to subscribe “Wi-Fi Package” to enjoy Wi-Fi service at $38/month.
  • When customer is located out of 4G coverage in Hong Kong, CMHK will provide service to customer via 3G/2G EDGE network.