Services1,2,3,4 Rate
Send SMS5,6    
Intra-network   $0.27
Inter-network $0.6
"$8 Intra-network SMS Package"8 $8
Send International SMS9,10
To Philippines $0.5
To Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, India, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam $0.9
To other countries $1.5

Indonesia ISMS Package11

  • Monthly Fee
  • SMS to Indonesia
  • SMS to Malaysia

SMS to the Philippines


  • $5
  • $0.36
  • $0.36


Customer Service

Bill Enquiry $0.2
Activate/ Deactivate Service Free
Other Services Free
Bill Check (Chinese)/ ((English)/ (Indonesian) $0.2
Info Express Free during promotional period


  1. Count according to each recipient.
  2. Chinese character display capability depends on recipient's handset and network operator.
  3. The SMS sending charge would not be refunded, even if the SMS is not successfully delivered due to network condition, or recipient using inapplicable handset, or recipient fails to save the SMS properly in the handset.
  4. Fixed-line users can only receive text SMS through applicable fixed line handset.
  5. The use of prefix "133" or "1357" to restrict or allow calling number display is not applicable to SMS sending.
  6. The content is not available to recipients using Fixed-line services. Customer will still be charged for sending such content to inapplicable recipients.
  7. The charges are only applicable to customers who subscribe service plan on or after 30/10/2007.Customers who subscribed $50-or-above A-,V- or B- series service plan can send intra-network SMS for free. The charges for non-$50-or-above A-, V- or B- series service plan customers are as follows:
    "SMS Package" subscribers: Sending Intra-network SMS -- 1 SMS will be deducted. Sending Inter-network SMS -- 1 SMS will be deducted and $0.6 will be charged;
    Non - "SMS Package" subscribers: Sending Intra-network SMS -- $0.2 . Sending Inter-network SMS -- $0.6. Intra-network for free.
  8. Customers can press *110*002#撥號 to subscribe "$8 Intra-network SMS Package" to send 10,000 Intra-network SMS for free. Additional intra-network SMS will be charged at $0.2/SMS.
  9. For sending International SMS in overseas, an additional SMS roaming charge will be applied.
  10. International SMS is applicable to text messages only.
  11. Customers can press *110*001#撥號 to subscribe "Indonesia ISMS Package." If the service activation date does not fall on customer’s bill date, the service fee will be charged on a pro-rata basis.
  12. Free offer will be extended automatically until further notice.

A monthly fee of $38 will be charged for activating "Hong Kong Ringback Tone" service.