KKBOX Music Service

The best of music at your fingertips. KKBOX is your one stop music center. Chat with your favorite artists, listen & sing-a-long to the latest hits and discover new tunes. Let's music!



Monthly fee $49/month
12-month / 24-month Contract Offer $44/month


Account activation
Upon the subscription via any channels (CMHK shop / CMHK website / USSD short code * 110 * 019 #), customers need to visit here to perform KKBOX account activation procedures (for Sign Up / Login) in order to enjoy KKBOX music service. 
After completed the activation procedures, please use registered e-mail address and password to login KKBOX Service.


Sign Up (for users don’t have a KKBOX account):
001 001 001
Step 1: Enter your CMHK mobile number and customer password for login Step 2: Tap “Sign Up” and fill in the form, then tap “Sign Up” Step 3: Done


Login (for users already have a KKBOX account):
001 001 001
Step 1: Enter your CMHK mobile number and customer password for login Step 2: Tap “Login” and fill in the form, then tap “Login” Step 3: Done



Special Feature

001 Enjoy unlimited music 
With KKBOX, you get more than 40 million high quality tracks in Asia’s largest music library. You’re set for your new favorite songs.
002 Starting with any song you like, just tap “Start Radio” and let KKBOX help you explore similar music. Like or dislike the chosen songs for a more precise recommendation. Save the tracks to create your private playlist as "My Stations".
003 Listen with your favorite artist.
KKBOX is the best place for you to get closer to your favorite artists, idols and friends. You'll be listening to what they listen to and even chat with them.
004 Offline listening at your fingertips.
You can listen to your music offline and sync it Online with your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Download and Install

TC-Step_1 Step 1
Free download from PLAY STORE or APPLE APP STORE and search “KKBOX”
TC-Step_2 Step 2
Activate KKBOX, and then press [LOGIN]
TC-Step_3 Step 3
Press login with [Email or phone number
TC-Step_4 Step 4
Enter your registered email address and password for login.
Remark: Email address and password should be mapped with CMHK mobile number first.
TC-Step_5 Step 5
Enjoy KKBOX music service right away.

Terms & Conditions


  1. KKBOX Music (the "Service") is a digital music platform service provided by China Mobile Hong Kong ("CMHK") which allows customer to enjoy music download and streaming via supported devices and personal computers ("PC") during the subscription period.
  2. The Service is applicable to registered CMHK service plan customers only.
  3. Customer may only listen to the downloaded music during the subscription period. If he/she cancels the Service, all downloaded music will no longer be accessible.
  4. By subscribing and continuing to use the Service, customer understands and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein.
  5. Customer agrees that he/she will not use the Service:
    1. to carry out or allow any copyright or other intellectual property infringement;
    2. for any illegal, improper, obscene or defamatory purposes or any other purposes which CMHK prohibit.
  6. CMHK makes no warranty that:
    1. the Service will meet the customers’ requirements;
    2. the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free;
    3. the results that may be obtained from the use of the Service will be accurate or reliable; or
    4. the quality of any services, information or other material obtained by the customer through the Services will meet his/her expectation.
  7. Customer explicitly understands and agrees that he/she shall use the Service at his/her own risk. The Service is being provided to him/her on an “as is” basis and we explicitly disclaim any explicit or implied warranties (which include, without limitation, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third parties’rights). We assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, mis-delivery or failure to store any customer communications or personalization settings or for any damage to customer’s device and PC or loss of data those results from using the Service (including without limitation, the download of any materials, data or information). Customer expressly relieves CMHK from any and all liabilities arising from the access or use of any part of the Service. To the maximum extent permitted by laws, CMHK’s aggregate liability to the customer under this agreement, at law or otherwise shall in no event be more than the service fees received from customer for the immediately twelve months’ period prior to the occurrence of the defaulting event.
  8. The Service is for customer’s personal and individual use only and he/she must not reproduce, resell, share, capture or forward any content obtained from using the Service.
  9. The content and categories of content CMHK make available on the Service and the charges of the Service are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  10. Customers can subscribe the Service with Standard Fee (HKD $49/month) or (12-month / 24-month) Contract Offer (HKD $44/month).
  11. Service charges should be paid in advance and on bill month basis. Customer is required to pay a full “Bill Month” service fee even if the Service is used for less than a month. Such charges will be automatically charged on customer’s CMHK mobile account and shown on monthly bill. No refund or exchange can be made once the service fees are paid by customers.
  12. 13 Customer shall inform CMHK via store or Customer Care Hotline for Service termination. Otherwise, CMHK will continue to provide this service and charge related service fee.
  13. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the Service will continue to be provided to the customer after the expiry of the Term and such service will be switched to a then prevailing comparable plan on non-contract basis that is specified from time to time.
  14. If customer terminate the service within the specified contract period, the customer will be charged for liquidated damages (Total amount of service fees for the remaining unexpired contract period).
  15. When the customer is to download the KKBOX Apps and/or use this Service through the data network, the relevant data transfer fee shall additionally be charged by CMHK or deducted from customer’s Mobile Data Plan/Package. If the customer is to download the KKBOX Apps and/or use this Service overseas, it may be required to pay separately the relevant data roaming fee.
  16. Customer should check the compatibility of his/her device and PC before subscribing to the Service. To access the Service via customer’s device and PC, he/she must first download the KKBOX apps.
  17. Access to the Service via customer’s device and PC is available within Hong Kong only and will not be accessible from overseas IP address or if streaming is blocked by his/her browser. Please check if the device and PC is equipped with internet connection and necessary software and hardware required for access to the Service.
  18. No refund nor exchange can be made once the service fees are charged by CMHK and paid by users.
  19. No credit or refund is available for whatsoever reasons, Including without limitation, in respect of any time when the Service or any part thereof is disrupted or suspended for maintenance or as a result of technical difficulties or a circumstance beyond our reasonable control or where the customer is not able to access the Service or stream the content therein for whatever reason. If CMHK is not able to receive payment from customers by the means of payment method customers have selected before the start of any subscription month, the Service will be automatically suspended until the service fees are received in full by CMHK.
  20. CMHK may (i) deactivate or suspend the Service or any part thereof, with or without notice to users, to carry out system maintenance, upgrading, testing and/or repairs; (ii) limit or suspend users' access to any of the Service with or without notice to users if CMHK is of the opinion that such action is appropriate as a result of the users' use of the Service; (iii) take any steps or omit to take any steps, with or without notice to users, for any reason CMHK deems relevant to the management or the operation of any of the Service and CMHK's business, that may expand, reduce, modify, suspend, limit, make inaccessible or adversely affect the Service or any part thereof.
  21. CMHK may, upon discovery of suspected or inchoate, fraudulent, deceptive, unlawful or improper use of the Service by users, suspend users' access to any or all of the Service temporarily or permanently.
  22. Users agree to be bound by the End Users Licence Agreement of using the Service, which agreement can be found at here.
  23. CMHK reserves the right to change all of the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. CMHK may post the changes to the above terms and conditions on it's web site. Customer continued use or access to the service conclusively demonstrates his/her acceptance of these changes. All matters and disputes will be subject to CMHK system record and CMHK final decision.
  24. The content of the Service shall be provided by a third party supplier, namely KKBOX Hong Kong Limited. The content of the Service may change without any prior notice. CMHK shall not be responsible for any liability incurred from or in connection with the content, the downloading of the KKBOX Apps and/or use of the Service (including but not limited to the accuracy of the information provided by the third party supplier, and any fees, expenses, losses and damages incurred from or caused by the downloading of the KKBOX Apps and/or use of the Service by the customer or any other persons). CMHK shall have the final decision as to any dispute in all respects in relation to the Service.


Only traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese versions are provided. Please click here for details

How to subscribe

CMHK customers can subscribe to KKBOX music service through below channels:

1.Open CMHK eShop .

2.Open MyLink App, if you haven’t got MyLink, please click here to install.

3.Call our customer hotline 12580.

4.Visit any of our CMHK shops.