1-Card-Multi-Number Voice Package

Please visit our Shops in person to register for Mainland China "1-Card-Multi-Number" Service.

To subscribe Mainland China voice roaming service only, please click here for “Let's Talk” -  Mainland China Voice Calling Service details

  • For customers with cross border call needs.
  • Binding with different service plans, you can tailor-made your own cross border solution.
  • Unlimited incoming call in Guang Dong*, you can greatly reduce calling charges.
  • Enjoy IDD Special Rates


1-Card-Multi-Number Voice Package
Monthly Fee $59 $109 $309
Voice Call
Mainland China Minutes  100  250  800
Extra Mainland China Minute Charge (per minute)          $0.59
Incoming Call Management
Hong Kong Ring-Back Tone   Waived during contract period
Voice Call Details
 in Guang Dong
 in Mainland China other destination
 in Hong Kong
Incoming Via Hong Kong number Deduct Mainland China Minute  Deduct Mainland China Minute Deduct Local Airtime
Via Mainland China number Pick Up Unlimited Call Deduct Local Airtime +
Mainland China Minute
Outgoing To Mainland China  Deduct Mainland China Minute Deduct local airtime + IDD Charge
To Hong Kong Deduct Mainland China Minute Deduct Local Airtime
To other countries / destinations



 Deduct local airtime + IDD Charge
 In Hong Kong  To Mainland China Number $0.5
 In Mainland China  To Hong Kong Intra-network Intra-network SMS charge +$0.1
Inter-network  inter-network SMS charge +$0.1
 To Mainland China  $0.6
 To other countries/destinations International SMS charge +$0.1


Mainland China Roaming Service Customer Service Hotline

  • To provide better Mainland China roaming service, if you have any enquiries in Mainland China, please feel free to call our 24-hour Mainland China Roaming Service Customer Servcie Hotline 400 120 4000.


Terms & Conditions

* Pick up unlimited incoming calls in Mainland China is applicable to receiving incoming calls in Guangdong province via Mainland China Number.


  • New customers are required to join CMHK service plan at the same time; for existing customers, please contact our branch staff to check for eligibility.
  • 1-Card-Multi-Number voice package subscribers are required to pay a full “bill month” service fee even if the service is used for less than a month.
  • Mainland China Mobile’s mobile number must be assigned by CMHK. Customers are not allowed to port-in their own number, or port-out the number to another network.
  • 1-Card-Multi-Number voice package subscribers are required to commit a service contract which ends the same with its service plan.
  • Applicable to i) making outgoing calls in Mainland China to any number in Mainland China; ii) receiving incoming calls in Mainland China (excluding Guangdong); Mainland China minutes do not cover call to/from Taiwan & Macau.
  • Call forwarding service must be used in conjunction with “International Call Forward Service”.
  • For the charge details of Call Forward and Voice Mailbox service, please ask our branch staff.
  • To be eligible for subscribing “1-Card-Multi-Number” voice package, customers are required to subscribe CMHK’s “IDD service” / “Hong Kong IDD001 & Mainland China Roaming IDD Service” and “Roaming Service” simultaneously, and to enter into the relevant supplementary agreements from time to time prescribed by CMHK therefore.The tariff of Hong Kong IDD001 service is same as IDD001 service. For details, please click here.
  • “1-Card-Multi-Number” voice package subscribers cannot subscribe $34 “Mainland China Roaming Package” at the same time.
  • Incoming calls to customers’ Mainland China Number will be forwarded to Voice Mailbox automatically if the subscriber is located in Hong Kong and is not available to answer. An additional charge of “receiving incoming call by Mainland China Number in Hong Kong” will be applied.
  • When customers receive incoming call via the Mainland China number while at other country or destination, Mainland China airtime will be deducted and roaming charges will be incurred; for roaming charges details, please visit here.
  • *115* service charge will be applied one you pick up the call from our system, even if the called line is busy or has no answer. This service’s availability depends on Mainland China's network as well as recipient’s service provider. For tariff details of making *115* calls to overseas destinations, please visit here.