IDD 001 Service

Use IDD 001 Service any time of the day! 24-hour flat rate to destinations around the world with no peak or non-peak difference. Simple and hassle-free!

Dialing Method and Tariff

or  + (Country / Destination Code) + (Area Code) + (Telephone Number) 

Please register for IDD 001 service by calling 12580 or by visiting any CMHK shops. Deposit will be required .

IDD Special Rate(click here)

With effect from 11 August 2022, charges of countries/regions will be adjusted as follows.

Country / Destination Code Rate (per minute)
(charged on 1-minute incremental basis)
Mainland China
   Rest of China
Taiwan 886 $0.88
Macau 853 $1.95
USA 1 $0.55 -> $1.11
Canada 1 $0.55 -> $1.22
$1.97 -> $4.67
6113, 61145, 61147
New Zealand
Republic of Korea 82 $0.88
Malaysia 60 $0.88
The Philippines 63 $2.80
Singapore 65 $0.88
Thailand 66 $2.80
Vietnam 84 $5.99
Indonesia 62 $2.90
France 33 $1.50 -> $3.55
The Netherlands
Italy 39 $2.02 -> $2.72


* Calls to UK telephone numbers starting with "7", "8", "9" are charged at $1.97/min; calls to Australia telephone numbers starting with "1", "4", "5" are charged at $1.79/min. For further information on specific telephone number prefixes in individual destinations, please click here.

* Entire Country/Destination code and IDD rates, please click here.

  • Once you have successfully applied IDD001 Service, you can make IDD calls while you are roaming abroad.
  • IDD call charges will apply once a call is answered (even if the call is answered by any automatic answering systems including announcement, tone machine, etc). In some circumstances, IDD call charges may still apply to the ringing time due to special call routing design of third party service providers in the event if a call is not answered.

*Starting 14th April 2022, IDD Call Service to Australia (Satellite) will be suspended (Country Code: 6113, 61145 & 61147).

In addition, you can also use IDD1597 service to call mainland China, Taiwan and Macau etc. right away with NO registration or deposit needed. For details please visit IDD1597 Service web page.

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Terms and conditions

  • The above charges and service details are subject to change without prior notice.
  • IDD 001 charges will be calculated by minute basis.
  • The rates are not applicable to CMHK Prepaid SIM Cards. For the IDD rates of Prepaid SIM Cards, please refer to corresponding charges leaflet.
  • In addition to IDD call rates, local airtime charges will be applied.
  • CMHK reserves the right to make the final decision on the provision, activation or cancellation of this service.
  • The above information is the latest service contents and tariff by CMHK, and supersedes all information published before 09/05/2019.