Supreme Flexi-up Service



Supreme Flexi-up service
  Flexi-up service (Asia 30 Days) Flexi-up service (Global 30 Days)
Charge $78 $158
Data Coverage 44 destinations 159 destinations
Roaming Data Usage Counted into service plan entitlement
Extra Roaming Data Usage Counted as Extra Data Usage of service plan
Eligible Period Consecutive 30 days from the activation date



1. What is Flexi-up service?
Flexi-up service is the designated Value-Added Service for “Supreme” - Greater China Service Plan and Asia Service Plan customer. During the activation period, the destination of the data entitlement of rate plan will be extended just like customer have temporarily upgraded service plan. For example, when “Supreme” - Greater China Service Plan customer activate the Flexi-up service (Asia), the data entitlement of the rate plan can be shared in 44 designated destinations within activation period.
2. How does the Flexi-up service charge?
When customer activate the Flexi-up service, the service will be charged under the customers’ account on activation date and be billed on next bill.
3. Is there any data limitation for Flexi-up service?
Flexi-up service does not include any data usage. During the activation period, the data usage in designated countries/ destinations will be counted into the service plan data entitlement. If the monthly data usage is used up, customers can purchase Extra Full Speed Data Usage to continue using the data service without any speed control. The extra data purchased can only be consumed in the current bill month.
4. Can I subscribe Flexi-up service when the monthly data entitlement of the plan is used up?
Customer can still subscribe the Flexi-up service, but roaming data service will be suspended in designated destinations as the monthly data entitlement of the plan is used up. To avoid data suspension, please ensure Extra Full Speed Data is purchased by replying data usage reminder SMS before departure.
5. Can I subscribe an extra Flexi-up service if I have roaming needs for long period?
Reminder SMS will be sent on the last day of the activation period. Customer can re-activate the same Flexi-up service by replying the SMS.
6. How can I change the activated Flexi-up service?
Flexi-up service can be changed through Web or MyLink App. The new Flexi-up service will be effective immediately with new validity period and the previous Flexi-up service will be deactivated automatically. If customer want to change the Flexi-up service though USSD, please deactivate the current Flexi-up service first. The cancellation will be effective on next date and new Flexi-up service can be subscribed. No service charge will be refunded if customer cancel the Flexi-up service even before the validity period end.


Application Method

(Please read the terms and conditions contained herein)

  • Via CMHK website

    Sign in to your account, select "Change VAS" in “Manage Service", then select "Data Roaming Service", check "Supreme Flexi-up service", and then confirm the application.

  • Via MyLink

    Log in to MyLink, select destination in “International Roaming”, then check “Flexi-up Service" to confirm the application.

  • Short Codes
    Supreme Flexi up service Short Codes Effective Date
    Activation - Supreme Flexi-up service (Asia 30 Days) *110*683*01# Immediately
    Activation - Supreme Flexi-up service (Global 30 Days) *110*684*01# Immediately
    Cancellation - Supreme Flexi-up service (Asia 30 Days) *110*683*02# Next day
    Cancellation - Supreme Flexi-up service (Global 30 Days) *110*684*02# Next day


Terms and Conditions

1. “Supreme Flexi-up service” (“The Service”) is only applicable to existing subscribers of “Supreme” - Greater China Service Plan Customer 6GB/10GB/20GB and “Supreme” - Asia Service Plan Customer 6GB/10GB/20GB.
2. “The Service” is not applicable to data only plan, sub-SIM accounts or other data sharing plans.
3. “Flexi-up service (Asia)” is only applicable in the designated countries or destinations covered in “Supreme” - Asia Service Plan and “Flexi-up service (Global)” is only applicable in the designated countries or destinations covered in “Supreme” - Global Service Plan. Designated countries or regions are subject to change from time to time.
4. Upon successful activation of “The Service”, a confirmation SMS will be sent to customer and the data usage in designated countries or destinations will be counted against the service plan data entitlement (“Plan entitlement”) upon activation for the consecutive number of days for which “The Service” is valid (inclusive of the activation date) (“Validity Period”). In case of dispute on “The Service” activation date, the confirmation SMS records shall prevail. A day means from 00:00 to 23:59 (Hong Kong time) and the cut-off time is 23:59 (Hong Kong time) each calendar day. “The Service” will be automatically expired after the Validity Period ends.
5. Once “The Service” is activated, charges will be billed under the customers’ account. No service charge will be refunded even if “The Service” is deactivated before the validity Period ends.
6. “Plan entitlement” means only the basic data entitlement in subscriber’s service plans or any top-up data purchased thereunder (“Data Top-up”). For details of Data Top-up, please click here. Apart from these terms and conditions, customers further agree to be bound by the relevant terms and conditions of the Data Top-up Service.
7. “The Service” shall be respectively applicable only to the designated countries/ destinations stated as above. Standard roaming charges shall be applied for roaming data usage if customers incur any data usage outside “The Service” countries/ destinations.
8. Standard roaming charges shall apply for roaming data usage upon the expiration of the Validity Period.
9. The availability of certain services while roaming aboard depends on the local network operators, the transmission of the customers’ device and the actual location of the customers. The cellular device might automatically capture the roaming signals of network operators outside “The Service” coverage and incur extra roaming charges under extreme circumstances. CMHK accepts no liability on such circumstances. In case of dispute, the records of CMHK and overseas roaming operators shall prevail.
10. International Roaming – Voice & Data will be activated immediately and automatically upon successful subscription of “The Service” without further notice.
11. Some countries/ destinations in “The Service” may not support short code. If customers wish to order “The Service” upon arrival, he/she may choose to login to CMHK web site for order and may incur respective roaming data usage.
12. Customers subscribing 4G/5G service plan may enjoy 4G/5G network service with suitable 4G/5G mobile device(s). For details of the coverage and applicable devices of 4G/5G Data Roaming Service, please click here.
13. If existing “Data Roaming Zone” subscribers wish to subscribe “The Service”, a separate subscription is required since “The Service” will not be automatically applicable nor activated. If customer subscribe both “Data Roaming Zone” and “The Service”, “The Service” will be applied in “The Service” designated countries/ destinations.
14. Customers read, understood and agree with the content therein Personal Information Collection Statement and Privacy Statement. The abovementioned privacy policy statement is stated on and respectively.
15. By subscribing “The Service”, Customer agrees, accepts and is being bound by the terms and conditions herein contained.
16. CMHK reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
17. In case of any disputes, CMHK reserves the right to make the final decision.
18. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail.