Let's Talk Global Voice Calling VAS


  • Enjoy discounted roaming voice charge in Global Countries / Regions with monthly fee $98
  • Making calls in Global Countries / Regions for as low as $0.65/minute only
  • Comes with free "Hong Kong Ringback Tone" (originally $38/month)
  • By using China Mobile's quality network, you can enjoy roaming discounts and comprehensive services in more regions.
  • Also Mainland China Voice Calling VAS, Greater China Voice Calling VAS cater to your varied voice roaming needs.


“Let's Talk” - Global Voice Calling VAS
Monthly fee $98
Coverage 159 destinations
Regions Incoming / Outgoing to Hong Kong & Local Outgoing call to other countries/ destinations*
Greater China
(3 Destinations)
$0.65/minute $5.5/minute^
Asia Pacific  (40 Destinations) $2/minute $5.5/minute
(116 Destinations)
$3/minute $5.5/minute

*Excludes roaming callback service, outgoing call to Maritime and Satellite calls.

^Discounted charge $1.5/minute for outgoing call to Macau and Taiwan when travelling in Mainland China 

Application Method

  • Via "MyLink" App

Step 1: Login with your CMHK mobile number and customer password

Step 2: Tap “International Roaming”

Step 3: Tap designated destination

Step 4: Tap “Voice” and “Let’s Talk –Global Voice Calling VAS”

Step 5: Tap “Subscribe Now”

Step 6: Submit the application

  • Via CMHK website

Sign in to your account via (https://eshop.hk.chinamobile.com/en/user/login.html?login-type=customer-password), select "Change VAS" in “Manage Service", then select "Voice Roaming and IDD", check "Let's Talk" - Global Voice Calling VAS, Hong Kong IDD001 Service(if have)*, and then confirm the application.

  • Short Codes
“Let’s Talk” – Global Voice Calling VAS Short Codes
Activation *110*614*01#
Cancellation *110*614*02#

*Roaming Call service is only available to customers who have activated the IDD001 Service. Once the VAS is activated, "IDD Service - IDD001” will also be activated automatically. Once the "IDD Service - IDD001” is cancelled, roaming call service will no longer be available, CMHK shall not be responsible for any liability incurred.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. “Let’s Talk” - Global Voice Calling VAS (The Service) is not applicable to service plans that already provide free romaing voice minutes (including but not limited to Bay Area service plan).
  2. “Supreme” Service Plans have already included the “Let’s Talk” - Global Voice Calling VAS. The subscribers of the aforementioned plans are not required to subscribe this Service.
  3. Subscribers are required to pay a full “bill month” service fee even if The Service is used for less than a month.
  4. The Service is not applicable to roaming callback service and service number (Include but not limit to Maritime and Satellite calls.)
  5. If Customer has subscribed The Service, he or she shall not be entitled to apply for Voice Roaming Zone simultaneously.
  6. Once the Service is activated, "IDD Service - IDD001” and "International Roaming Service - Voice only" will also be activated automatically (not applicable to existing customers already subscribed to International Roaming Service). Customer shall be deemed to read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions herein contained together with the terms and conditions for “IDD service” and “International Roaming Service” of CMHK. For details, please visit here.
  7. Roaming Call service is only available to customers who have activated the "IDD Service - IDD001” and "International Roaming Service - Voice only". If customer deactivate "IDD Service - IDD001” or "International Roaming Service - Voice only", Roaming Call service will no longer be available, CMHK shall not be responsible for any liability incurred.
  8. In the event of non-payment of any sum due or for any reason, CMHK reserves the right to terminate the Service without prior notice. Customer using roaming service overseas after the termination of the said package/service will be charged at the prevailing roaming rates.
  9. After the Service is activated, Customer can enjoy free “Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service”. If Customer elects to deactivate the selected Service, ”Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service” shall continue to provide the service on a monthly charging basis automatically and to charge at the prevailing monthly fees until such time the Customer provides notice of termination.
  10. Except the valued added services and the respective charges stated in this agreement, if the Customer select any other value added services provided by CMHK, relevant charges shall be applicable. For charges details, please visit CMHK website.
  11. The roaming tariff of the Service is only applicable to the designated Service regions that CMHK coverage can reach (the ‘Service Region’). The ‘Service Region’ are subject to change from time to time. For details, please visit here. When Customer is located at any region outside the signal-receiving scope of the Service Region and continue using roaming services, normal roaming tariff shall be applicable therein. For details, please visit here. The actual Service Region coverage depends on the network coverage of the cooperative network operators of CMHK. In the event that roaming signal is connected to any telecommunication networks that are outside the Service Region, Customer shall be solely responsible for all respective prevailing roaming charges incurred. CMHK shall not be responsible for any liability or expenses caused or incurred.
  12. Customer shall acknowledge and understand the availability and quality of the roaming service, as well as the availability and quality of any value added services within the Service Region is subject to the location of service, network conditions, network coverage, hardware, software, supporting level of the local network operators and/or other conditions which may arise.
  13. CMHK shall not be liable and shall not assume any liability whatsoever if any person for any reason incurs any loss or consequences, or any fees, claims or damages demanded or any proceedings is arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service within or outside Hong Kong. In any circumstances Customer shall be solely responsible for all the matters and consequences arising out of the use of the Service in or outside Hong Kong or otherwise, despite the knowledge, consent or authorization of the Customer for such usage.
  14. Customer may choose to suspend the Service on a temporary basis; however, Customer shall be obliged to pay all relevant monthly service fees and adhere to the terms and conditions herein contained during any such suspension period.
  15. If Customer may choose to terminate The Service, Customer shall be obliged to give 30 days of notice in prior to CMHK and pay all relevant monthly service fees.
  16. Customer read, understood and agree with the content therein Personal Information Collection Statement and Privacy Statement. The abovementioned privacy policy statement is stated on here and here respectively.
  17. This Supplementary Agreement is an inseparable and integral part of the “The (General) Contract for Telecommunications Services”.
  18. CMHK reserves the right to amend, cancel or terminate the terms and conditions, relevant service details and respective charges contained in this Service, the “IDD Service” and the “International Roaming Service” without prior notice.
  19. By subscribing to the Service, Customer agrees, accepts and is being bound by the terms and conditions herein contained.
  20. 5G++ is the brand new 5G concept introduced by CMHK. The two plus signs on the top right corner of the logo symbolize CMHK’s wish to bring added value to various industries and individuals.
  21. The above service / product is currently not available on the 5G network.
  22. In case of any disputes, CMHK reserves the right to make the final decision.
  23. In case of discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
  24. The above information is the latest service contents and tariff by China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. ("CMHK") and supersedes all information published before 11/7/2019.