International Call Forward Service

With International Call Forward Service1,2, you can simply forward your calls to an overseas fixed-line or mobile number, and cut down on your roaming spending. At only $253 per month, the monthly fee can be rebated back to you and used towards your International Call Forward Service charges. What's more, you can receive incoming calls anywhere in Mainland China at a special promotional rate of $0.97 per minute , plus further enjoy Hong Kong Ringback Tone4 service for FREE. Simply register to enjoy the new International Call Forward Service.

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  1. International Call Forward Service must be used in conjunction with IDD001 Service.
  2. From 19 March 2003 onward, customers who have not registered for International Call Forward Service will not be able to forward any calls to overseas numbers.
  3. Customer is required to pay the $25 monthly fee in full even if the service is used for less than a month. The $25 monthly fee will be used to deduct the International Call Forward Service charges for the current month. Any unused amount will not be accumulated nor refunded.
  4. Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service is only applicable to calls forwarded to telephone numbers in Mainland China. An additional fee of $38 per month is required for using Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service while roaming abroad.
  5. International Call Forward is charged on 1-minute basis for calls forwarded to Mainland China, while it will be charged on 6-second basis for other destinations.

Using Method

To activate International Call Forward:

(Country Code) (Area Code) (Local Telephone No.)
(e.g. forward to a fixed-line no. in Shenzhen:     )
Cancel International Call Forwarding:  

Coverage and Tariff

24-hour Flat Rate

Country/ destination Country/ destination Code Charge1,2
Australia 61 $4.97
Austria 43 $7.50
Bangladesh 880 $11.34
Belgium 32 $7.50
Canada 1 $2.94
Cambodia 855 $7.50
Croatia 385 $13.50
Denmark 45 $7.50
Egypt 20 $17.90
Finland 358 $7.50
France 33 $7.00
Germany 49 $7.00
Greece 30 $7.50
Hungary 36 $7.50
Iceland 354 $11.90
India 91 $10.00
Indonesia 62 $8.00
Ireland 353 $7.50
Italy 39 $7.00
Japan 81 $5.78
Macau 853 $2.00
Mainland China
Shenzhen & Shekou
Other Provinces
$2.30 $0.97
(Free Hong Kong Ringback Tone3)
Malaysia 60 $4.80
Netherlands 31 $7.00
New Zealand 64 $6.50
Norway 47 $7.50
Philippines 63 $3.48
Portugal 351 $7.50
Republic of Korea 82 $3.59
Romania 40 $13.50
Russia 7 $13.50
Singapore 65 $3.50
South Africa 27 $10.00
Spain 34 $7.50
Sweden 46 $7.50
Switzerland 41 $7.50
Taiwan 886 $5.99
Thailand 66 $6.80
Turkey 90 $10.00
United Kingdom 44 $5.30
USA 1 $2.94
Vietnam 84 $7.46



  1. Charges for forwarding calls to Mainland China via International Call Forward Service is calculated on a per minute basis. Calls forwarded to other destinations are calculated on a 6-second basis.
  2. "International Call Forward" service tariff listed above does not include local airtime charges that might be imposed by local networks. Customers are advised to check with local network operators for details.
  3. Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service is only applicable to calls forwarded to telephone numbers in China . CMHK Service plan subscribers can use Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service while roaming abroad at a free of $38 per month. (not applicable to Prepaid SIM Card customers)
  4. The above information is the latest contents and tariff by CMHK, and supersedes all information printed before 17/7/2013.