Roaming Call Back Service

Roaming Call Back Service helps you save up to 84% on calls back to Hong Kong, Please click here for coverage and charging  details.

All CMHK customers can automatically enjoy the service without application or deposit, make local calls, or follow these easy steps to call back to Hong Kong or to other countries / destination:


Calls to Hong Kong

  1. Dial  (Hong Kong telephone no.
  2. Wait for a return call from our system. Upon receiving the call, you will be connected to the number you have dialed.
To retrieve Voice Mail


Calls to local or  other countries / destinations

 (country / destination code) (area code) (phone no.)



  • Please cancel all Call Forwarding functions before you make the call via *115*. You can dial   to do so.
  • When you make a call via Roaming Call Back Service, roaming charges apply once the call set up from our system is received, regardless of whether the called line is busy, unreachable, or has no answer.
  • If you use Roaming Call Back Service to call another destination (other than Hong Kong) while roaming abroad, the charge for "Roaming Call Back Service" plus the charge for IDD001 Service from Hong Kong to that destination would apply. For details on the IDD001 charges please refer to CMHK "IDD Service".
  • By using Roaming Call Back Service for making call and your Hong Kong number will be shown on recipient's handset. (Availability of the services depends on the local network operators)
  • Mainland China “1-Card-Multi-Number” customer could enjoy the special rate when calling to designed countries/destinations by using Roaming Call Back Service in Mainland China). For details please visit Mainland China "1-Card-Multi-Number" Roaming Call Back Service offer.