Voice Mail

With our Voice Mail, Call Forwarding and IDD001 services, rest assured that you can always get hold of all important messages, even when you are roaming abroad. Simply forward your calls to before leaving Hong Kong, and callers can leave you message in your voice mailbox.


To forward calls to voice mailbox at the following situation1

All Call Forwarding
No Answer


To retrieve voice mail message in overseas


Default Call Forward Service

While you are abroad without any call forwarding settings, if you wish to forward any incoming call with no answer/ coverage or when busy to voicemail or SMS secretarial service, you can activate "default roaming call forward service" in Hong Kong for free.





  1. While you are abroad, any incoming call forwards to   voicemail or SMS secretarial centre is free of charge; to retrieve voicemail or call to SMS secretarial service centre, roaming charges will be incurred. Customer can cancel the call forwarding function anytime via handset by pressing  according to individual needs.
  2. For 1-Card-Multi-Number service customers, please visit here.
  3. After conditional call forward has been set up to voice mail or SMS secretarial service for 'Call manager' primary number, any incoming call to the secondary number during abroad will be forwarding to voice mail or SMS secretarial centre as well, while two-way roaming fees will be charged.
  • While roaming abroad, whether the calls can be successfully forwarded to voice mail depends on the local network operators.
  • To use the above service, customer is required to subscribe Voice Mail, Call Forwarding and IDD001 services.