CMHK VoLTE Roaming Service

VoLTE Roaming Service supported handset & software allow you to enjoy better call quality through 4G LTE network when roaming. VoLTE Roaming Service.
VoLTE Roaming Service dedicates you
- Faster call connection and better call quality
- Simultaneous voice and data usage when roaming

  1. This Service is applicable to listed operators below at this moment with VoLTE Roaming Service supported handset & software.
  2. To enjoy this Service, Customer are obliged to activate “International Roaming Service – Voice and Data Roaming” and turn on data roaming in handset.
  3. Call connection is subjected to 4G LTE network roaming signal and coverage.
  4. Standard roaming charges shall be applied for this Service. For details please visit here.
  5. To enquire of the supporting of VoLTE roaming, please check with handset manufacturer


)(Country/ Destination code)+(Area Code – if applicable)+(Recipient's no.)

* VoLTE Roaming Service does not support local USSD service at this moment.


Destination Operator
Mainland China CMCC
Japan DoCoMo
Thailand Real Future (Truemove)
[Support Apple Watch VoLTE roaming service]
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom
Sri Lanka Dialog Axiata PLC
Canada Telus
Puerto Rico Claro

More destinations that support VoLTE Roaming Service will be available soon, please refer to our website for details.


  • 4G Customers can enjoy free VoLTE Roaming Service (the “Service”) and no subscription is required. To enjoy the Service, please follow the above settings instruction with supported handset/ tablets and turn on data roaming service.
  • The Service is only applicable to the abovementioned designated location, China Mobile Hong Kong Ltd. (CMHK) reserves the right to amend designated location and shall not obliged to inform customers separately.
  • When LTE network coverage is insufficient or restricted, drop calls may be resulted when using the Service.
  • When using The Service, Customer shall apply the above instructions to change dialing methods accordingly, however, outgoing calls to local emergency numbers will not be affected.
  • The Service does not support local USSD function.
  • Standard roaming charges applies to voice service but the Service does not deduct any data roaming usage count.
  • When data roaming service is activated to use the Service, other applications might still incur data roaming usage count and cause the respective charges.
  • The Service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage for intra-network calls.
  • The Service Video Call is only available when all respective users are using Roaming VoLTE service/ VoLTE service.
  • The roaming experience and speed will be subject to roaming destinations, network operators you roam with, internet conditions, server speed, coverage, locations, the computer and device used, hardware, software, the relevant service plan subscribed and other factors.