User Guide

Service Activation

Method 1: Insert the SIM into a smartphone and turn on the mobile data service in Hong Kong.

Method 2: Dial USSD code *#130# in Hong Kong for free.
Upon successful activation, an activation SMS with the HK number, stored value and expiry date of the SIM will be sent directly to your mobile.
If you are unable to activate mobile service after using the above methods, please restart your smartphone and make sure the mobile data APN is “cmhk”,while the proxy address and port number are blank.


Check your Prepaid card Mobile Number, Remaining Balance, Expiry Date and other remaining balance of SIM Card (Free of charge):

  1. Press; or
  2. Call; or
  3. Visit CMHK website or CMHK App*; or
  4. Press to check prepaid card information & service rate charge

* Include: General Bonus, data balance in designated 4G/3G Local Data Package ($50/200MB, $148/1GB or $48 3GB/5 days), remaining Intra SMS in Intra-SMS Package, remaining buddy list entry quota in Buddy Package, remaining Connecting Tone download quota, etc.

Language Selection/Change

You may select / change the language of Prepaid SIM communications via below means.
Method 1︰Dial  / and follow the voice instructions in the recording system.
Method 2︰Dial and follow the instructions in the system prompts.

Mobile Data Services

Mobile Data Services

"Mobile Data Service" allows customers to send and receive data files through their handsets. A variety of data-related services can be enjoyed through the use of Mobile Data Service.

Activate & Deactivate "Mobile Data Service"

Press on a GPRS handset to active MMS service and GPRS service

You'll receive a Chinese and an English confirmation SMS after the services are activated.


Press on your handset to deactivate.

Download Data Transmission Setting to Your Handset

Please click here for Inquiry.

Subscribe & Cancel Mobile Data Package

You can subscribe the "1-Day Pass", "7-Day Pass" or "30-Day Pass" with your needs.

Activate the service as below:

 Validity Period  Data Usage  To subscribe
Cancellation Upon Expiry
Instant Cancellation
1 Day 1 GB Press on handset.
After receiving confirmation SMS, please select the required package with the corresponding short code:
1-Day – Press "1" 
7-Day – Press "2"
30-Day – Press "3"
7 Days
30 Days

Mobile data service is applicable to below prepaid sim cards, for details please visit below links:


  • CMHK WIFI Service has been terminated with effect from 1st April 2020.
  • To cancel the package upon expiry, please dial *103*02#. To instantly cancel the package ,please dial *103*11#.
  • To cancel the package upon expiry, please dial *103*02#. To instantly cancel the package ,please dial *103*11#.
  • The Monthly Fee will be automatically deducted every 30 days. The service will be terminated without prior notice if the stored value balance is insufficient. Customer must ensure the card has sufficient stored value and then re-subscribe the service in order to use the service again.
  • Mobile Data Package is only applicable to using data service in Hong Kong. Data roaming charge will be applied if you use data roaming service while abroad.
  • Actual data transmission speed may vary due to various factors, including but not limited to, data roaming operators, network traffic conditions, handset models, handset settings (both hardware & software), uploaded/downloaded content, selected prepaid cards, and other external factors.
  • The above 1-Day/7-Day/30-Day mobile data packages are only available to designated prepaid SIM cards.


Data Roaming Day Pass

"Data Roaming Day Pass" covers 10 countries/regions, to ensure that you can stay in touch with family, no matter where you go.

Country/Region Designated operators Application Methods
Macau CTM
Japan Softbank
Taiwan Far EasTone
Thailand Real Future (Truemove)
Indonesia Indosat
Philippines Globe Telecom
Malaysia Digi Maxis
Saudi Arabia Mobily
Republic of Korea KT(display Olleh)
SK Telecom
Singapore StarHub
  • This user guide is only applicable for CMHK 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card, CMHK 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card (Guangdong), Super Roaming, Super Talk & IDD Talk. 
  • Data Roaming Day Pass is charged according to the data usage consumed between Hong Kong Time 00:00 to 23:59 on a per-day basis (must use designated network). Once customer has successfully subscribed Data Roaming Day Pass, all data usage consumed during the service effective day (Hong Kong Time 00:00 - 23:59; excluding usage consumed before service activation) via applicable Designated Roaming Operators will be charged according to Data Roaming Day Pass.
  • Subscriber can press the above short codes to subscribe Data Roaming Day Pass. Our system will send a SMS to confirm the subscription status.
  • Data Roaming Day Pass applies to all data roaming usage but it does not include any other value-added services or multimedia content download charge. In order to provide a more comprehensive service and to avoid abusive usage, CMHK reserves the right to amend the scope of applicable services. In case of any amendment, the latest announcement by CMHK shall prevail.
  • The list of applicable Designated Roaming Operators of Data Roaming Day Pass changes from time to time, and in case of any amendment, the latest announcement by CMHK shall prevail.
  • Once you have registered for the above plan, whenever you travel to an applicable roaming destination, your handset will be automatically directed to the Designated Roaming Operator (depending on local network compatibility). However, to best protect your interests, we recommend you to check from time to time whether your handset stays connected to the Designated Roaming Operator in order to avoid unnecessary data charges stemming from the use of inapplicable network.
  • If customer has visited and used Data Roaming Day Pass in more than one of the Designated Roaming Operators' network within the same day, Daily Charge will be applied separately to each network visited on that day.
  • In case of dispute, the records of CMHK and overseas roaming operators shall prevail.


VoLTE Service

Please click here for details.

IDD Service

Dialor (Country Code) (Area Code) (Telephone Number)

(The SIM Card cannot support any international operator-assisted calls)

Roaming Dialing Methods

Calling Instructions:

1. Direct Dial Roaming

Roaming Country/ Region Operator Calling Instruction - Outgoing Calls to Hong Kong Calling Instruction - Outgoing Local Calls Calling Instruction - Outgoing Calls to Other countries/regions
Mainland China CMCC + 852 (Hong Kong phone no.) Dial the local number directly + (country code) (area code) (phone no.)
Macau CTM
Taiwan Far EasTone
Malaysia Digi

2. *130* Roaming

Simply follow the dialing procedures below. Once "Request Accepted" is displayed on your handset screen, you'll receive a call from our system in seconds. Upon receiving the call, you'll then be connected to the phone number you've dialed.

 Outgoing Calls to Hong Kong  Press(Hong Kong phone no.)
no need to key in Hong Kong country code "852")
 Outgoing Local Calls / Calls to Other countries/regions  Press (country code) (area code) (phone no.)


Deactivate & Reactivate Roaming Service Through Your Handset

 To de-activate roaming service:  Press
 To re-activate roaming service:  Press (applicable to Hong Kong only)


Refill, Check Mobile Number, Balance and Expiry Date* in Overseas:

 Refill via refill voucher :   Press(16-digit activation code)
 Check phone no., remaining balance & expiry date of SIM card:  Press

*The required information will be sent to your handset in short message.


Voice Mailbox

Set up mailbox or retrieve messages: Press


191 InfoCall Service



  • Roaming service is also available to Rekanan Prepaid SIM Card, Kabayan Prepaid SIM Card and MyFriend Prepaid SIM Card users.
  • If your handset fails to detect a network automatically, please refer to your handset user menu and select the network operator manually. If you are still unable to make call, please restart the handset and redial the number, or select another network operator if you cannot make calls after several tries.
  • Please ensure your  Prepaid SIM Card has sufficient balance before leaving Hong Kong, or you can purchase extra Refills for use overseas.

Short Message Service - Send Messages

Short Message Service - Send Messages

  1. Select "Menu", "Message", then select "Write Message" / " Message Editor" / "Send New"
  2. Compose your message, then select "Send" / "Send Message"
  3. Enter mobile number and press "OK". To send international SMS, please enterorplus country code first (sending SMS to China requires entering the China mobile number only).

Remark: Dialling of the prefix "133" or "1357" to restrict or allow calling number display is not applicable for SMS sending.

"Intra-network SMS Package"

You can send 100 local SMS to other CMHK customers, by subscribing the "Intra-network SMS Package".Simply  follow the procedures below to subscribe or cancel the package:

Enquire service status:

Missed Call Alert

If your mobile phone is busy, out of coverage, switched off or has no answer, "Missed Call Alert" service can capture and store the caller's phone number, calling time and date for you. When your mobile phone becomes available again, the information will be sent to you via SMS.

  • Subscribe:
  • Cancel:


  • Applicable to callers with Calling Number Display function activated.
  • Missed Call Alert function cannot be used in conjunction with relevant call forward and voice mailbox functions.
  • If your mobile phone cannot be reached within a certain period, the alerts will be deleted.

Call Forwarding Service

To forward calls to a designated phone number, press the following short codes on your handset to activate or deactivate the service:

  • Subscribe:
  • Cancel:

Activate or deactivate call forwarding:

All Call Forward Activate:
(designated number)
Unreachable Call Forward Activate:
(designated number)
Busy Call Forward Activate:
(designated number)
No Answer Call Forward Activate:
(designated number)

Remarks: To activate call forward function (except "All Call Forward"), customer should ensure the Prepaid Card has enough balance to receive 6 minutes or more of incoming calls (for roaming, charges will be calculated base on Roaming Service Tariff), otherwise the call forward command will fail.


International Call Forward Service & Dialing Method

Activate All International Call Forward:(Country Code) (Area Code) (Local Phone No.)

De-activate All International Call Forward:

Voice & Fax Mailbox

Press the following short codes to subscribe or cancel the service:

  • Subscribe:
  • Cancel:

Mailbox setting:

Dial on your handset to listen to new user guide, then follow the instruction to record your personal greeting and establish a password.

To retrieve voice message:

  • Dial via your handset; or
  • Dialvia other phones

To receive fax message:

  • De-activate any Call Forwarding functions and switch off your mobile phone.

To print out fax message:

  • Dialon any fax machine equipped with a receiver.

To update password (Before Apr 14, 2015):

  • Dialvia your handset; or
  • Dialvia other phones

To update password (On or after Apr 14, 2015):

  • DialNew 6-digit numerical passwordvia your handset (For example, if you want to set your password as 456789, please dial)

If customer subscribes to both Call Forwarding and Voice & Fax Mailbox service, all unreceived incoming calls will be diverted to voice mail automatically. Customer can divert incoming calls to any designated number according to his needs.



Call Waiting & Call Hold Service

The Call Waiting feature enables you to answer an incoming call while you are already making a call. With Call Hold you can make a second call, while you hold your existing call.

Enquire service status:


Conference Call Service

This multi-party teleconference feature allows different parties from different points to be connected simultaneously, creating a practical and efficient way of communication.

Enquire service status:

Hong Kong Ringback Tone

While you are abroad, callers would still hear the Hong Kong local ringing tone.



  • Customers of 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card or 1-Card-2-Number service can enjoy Hong Kong Ringback Tone free of charge.
  • Not applicable to $28 Easy Talk Prepaid SIM Card and $80 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card.


Buddy Package

"Buddy package" allows you to call 3 friends with local flat rate $0.03 per min.

  • Subscribe: 
  • Add Buddy no.:phone no.
  • Remove Buddy no.: phone no. 
  • View Buddy List:
  • Cancel:
    Note:only applicable to $48/$78 Super Talk  Prepaid SIM Card & 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card.

Display Your Hong Kong No. by using Call Back Methods

Your Hong Kong no. still can be displayed when you make outgoing calls while abroad.
To any Hong Kong no.:
Press Hong Kong no.
To any China no.:
Press mainland no.


PIN Code

The default PIN code of the SIM card is "8888". Three consecutive failed attempts to enter the PIN code will permanently lock the SIM card. CMHK shall under no circumstances be liable for any damages or losses caused whatsoever.