4G/3G Mainland China-HK Prepaid SIM Card – Voice Call Charge

Voice Call In Mainland China+ In HK In Macau*^
Make Outgoing Calls
(per minute)
To HK $0.7 $0.3 $3.9
To Mainland China $0.7 $0.3 $3.9
To Macau $1.3 $1.2#^ $3.9
To Taiwan $1.3 $1.2#^ $3.9
To other countries/regions $5.8 IDD Charge#^ $20
Receive Incoming Calls
(per minute)
Via HK No. $0.7 $0.3 $3.9
+Not applicable to calls from Mainland China with“179” as telephone number prefix. 
# In addition to IDD call charge, local airtime will be charged (per min. basis).
^IDD/Roaming call charges will apply once a call is answered (even if the call is answered by any automatic answering systems including announcement, tone machine, etc). In some circumstances, IDD/roaming call charges may still apply to the ringing time due to special call routing design of third party service providers in the event if a call is not answered.
*Roaming charges will be calculated on a 30-second-per basis at first and charges will be calculated on 6-second-per basis thereafter.