North America Package

Starting from 16 February 2023 (HK Time 00:00), the charge of GO! Pass North America packages will be adjusted to $68 for 600MB/3 days, $88 for 1GB/5 days, $128 for 1.5GB/8 days, and $198 for 2GB/15 days. The new charge will also apply to the packages that were applied before 16 February but activate on or after 16 February.
Validity Period Full Speed Data Usage  Special Price Online Subscription Method Other Subscription Method
Dial USSD Code
Cancellation Method*
Dial USSD Code
3 Days 600MB $68

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*110*672*01# *110*672*02#
5 days 1GB $88 *110*644*01# *110*644*02#
8 days 1.5GB $128 *110*645*01# *110*645*02#
15 days 2GB $198 *110*665*01# *110*665*02#


Designated Countries/Regions
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands

 *GO! Pass cancellation request will be effective in the next day. If customer cancels the subscription of GO! Pass, data roaming service (including but not limit to speed, charges, service contents) will be restored to the data roaming plan currently subscribed for by the customer prior to usage of the GO! Pass (if any), or the standard roaming service. Any cancelled GO! Pass cannot be re-activated and any remaining data entitlement will be forfeited immediately without any compensation.