Regarding Real Name Registration Policy of the Mainland China

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is committed to offering innovative and comprehensive communications products and services to customers for a seamless connections. Among all, its “1-Card-2-Number” (1C2N) and “1-Card-Multi-Number” (1CMN) are especially preferred by frequent travelers.

To comply with real name registration of Mainland China mobile numbers, all Mainland China mobile numbers provided by the telecom operators in China are required to collect personal data from their customers to fulfill the real name registration. Since the Mainland China mobile number of CMHK’s “1C2N” and “1CMN” services (including the Mainland China mobile number of prepaid and postpaid services) are provided by the telecom operators in China and CMHK acts as a retailed agent, thus also needs to comply with related regulation.

To ensure the continuous services of “1C2N” and “1CMN”, CMHK will make necessary registration arrangement for CMHK’s customers who are using these services in batches. We will notify customers timely and in advanced through various channels to ensure the seamless communications of the usage of the said number and services.

Please note that under no circumstances will we or any Mainland Authorities make phone calls to you to collect your bank account information, passwords or personal data. Besides, in any event, the telecommunication services with your Hong Kong mobile number will not be affected.

For any enquiries, please call our 24-hour customer service hotline at 12580.

China Mobile Hong Kong Limited
7th November, 2016

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